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I'm not sure if you want represented to going to go first, because I know he's at the retreat and we're only gonna have him for about 15 more minutes, So I like to give him a much speaking time and then I contrived back in And how my speaking But I want to go ahead and give him a chance because I know he's gonna have to exit very, very soon to represent the bowling. Do you want to go ahead and speak first? And then I'll be after you. Absolutely. And you know, I want youto especially high like the bill that you've been working on this part of the package. Absolutely. I'm part package, but it's really important that we recognize You know the role that state policy has And you know, trying to create some streamed line policy across the state. No matter what municipality that you're in, or that you get stopped in, and for instance. You know, I live in Milwaukee, J. Anderson lived in Milwaukee. He was in Wauwatosa. And he was killed by a police officer at the time. That was the second person this police officer killed tells of MENSA. Um, and he was sleeping in that park. Joseph Mental would then go on again to kill a third person. Alvin Cole, teenager at Mayfair Mall. Um, because those individuals were killed in what was toasted the standards of the use of force policy are different matter fact when J. Anderson was killed Wauwatosa Police Department did not have Face a consistent use of force policy. And it's really important that we talk about having a uniform use of force policy across the state. That could be enforced. And that can also make sure that officers are required to, uh uphold preserving life, which means that they're using the least amount of force. As possible. Um, there are other tactics of the escalation that can be used their other tactics. And Ah, if if you need to use force, their other the less lethal force options out there rather than a officer, always reaching for his firearm. In one of things that we want to do, and it's one of the biggest part of this package is to ensure that we're streamlining use of force policy that it's publicly available. So so the public can't see it. By each each police department But we actually need to make that in state statute, So we have the teeth. It has the requirement, too. Be able to hold people that carry badges carry afar arm accountable to say that there are other ways to handle situations and the best practices, um, need to be embraced. By police Department's, um and we want to do that, on a statewide law will rather been going Police Department by police Department to get those standards in place. And what is this right now? Um, in each community do we have, um Are you seeing that They're a good use of force policies as you do a review of what exists, community by community or how how desperate of a need is there for this state uniform standard. I think there's a there's a desperate need for a CZ. You look at the can't wait campaign, but you have national advocates. That said, Hey, After George Floyd. The least every municipality needs to do every mayor needs to institute is a habit least eight policies in place. And ah, number of pounds across the country were behind on that some had them We're doing most of them, but we also have to think about Theokoles ability, the teeth that needs to be there, Uh, hold law enforcement accountable, and I'd get that that is the uncomfortable conversation for a lot of my Republican colleagues were a lot of my folks on the conservative side. I feel like they They have to make a choice that they are supporting police or not. This is not about, uh, supporting law enforcement or not, You can definitely support law enforcement by holding them up to a standard. Or buy Gold Standard service.

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