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Our president is aware that there is a a group on campus that are marginalized yeah these are the the pro life students and i don't care what your position is pro life or or or a pro choice whatever your position with you bloody will have to admit that there is at least a debate there is a debate but the point i would make is here truly is a marginalized group of students who have received no support from our university none in i know where president is aware because early on in this controversy i said and another matter is that these students are being attacked or i'm sorry i don't wanna use hyperbolic language these students are being harassed and they are being harassed 'cause they're they're being threatened with having their funding removed by official bodies of the university yeah well this the pro life students are real canaries in the coal mine as far as i'm concerned regardless of what you think about what you're doing represent diversity its ideological diversity but we're not seeing any reception of these diverse students do they are they being included in this diversity and inclusion no they're being excluded purposely actual offices of my university so i'm dave standard practice i would say on campuses across the country it's just uneven yeah it's on even and i think that what what we need to see is just a policy that applies to all students and not just those who smell right or are orthodox to the social justice or you out or who who were in the what would you call acceptable class of victims veteran okay it bears repeating in the current context that lorries support for our lesbian bar gay by trans queyranne to spirited campus community and transgender people in particular is unwavering it isn't the obvious that it bears repeating in the current context because the issue here fundamentally is that lindsey shepherd was was subject to an administrative inquisition despite the fact that she was one.

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