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Printing for the census forms would have to be re done Michelle Franzen ABC news southern California's still cleaning up from last week's powerful earthquakes we're now learning the condition of naval air weapons station China lake which was rattled hards as ABC's Alex stone using rush for rooms in the commissary staff is cleaning up food all over the floor and ceiling tiles that came down there is damage to buildings and their contents on naval air weapons station China lake chaplain Bob Graham says he was shocked to see how much the chapel on base was impacted assault alter completely demolished I saw the crack in the wall of the weapons on base are secure they're working to get buildings cleaned up and reopened at like stone ABC news when you open your newspaper this morning did you notice some stories are in a different language comma is Brian Calvert has more in a new information pipeline for those who speak Spanish and it all began in the Seattle times education lab we have an honest honest to innovate and to try new things and that often can mean you know modeling things that the rest of the newsroom contrite or that other people can try that's and lab engagement editor Mohammed clue as of now his section of the times will feature stories en Espanol long been a goal of education one here and in the past we've kind of relied on the partners our sister paper the Yakima Herald they have a Spanish language publication it's L. sold the come up so they would occasionally translation of our stuff into Spanish but we figured you know to have in the central place on the Seattle Commons site it's a movie based on the numbers the over one hundred thirty five thousand students that the state superintendent's office identified as English learners English learning students in their family they speak Spanish at home local these are important and not having the source I think is fantastic K. U. N. S. news anchor high me Mendez applauds the move by the times a lot of people here are isolated if it wasn't for local TV not going to be some Seattle thing for a time there was only only a few sources and this is the local Spanish media is relatively new but vitally important especially when it comes to explaining how things work in this state two people who aren't familiar enough in English some of these people literally end up getting lost in translation today morning show Seattle turns twelve years old twelve anniversary we're looking for feedback always meant to email us like I said you know in in the article if one if anything seems inaccurate but specifically you know if there's any other languages they'd love to see the Seattle times to to have a Spanish segments yell Hey we welcome them absolutely the more the better the more the better Brian Calvert komo news.

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