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We get more from KYWZ, Ed Benkin. What are the eagles facing? The most criticized. In the early part of the season is quarterback jail mills but head coach Doug Peterson stood by his defensive back and said he will remain in the starting lineup. Number one. Here's the best player for the physician and number two is body work. What he's done over the course of two two plus years. Peterson added he is not planning to make any lineup changes. At this point. Despite reports that Isaac say Malo could step in for Stephanie was new ski at left guard with the eagles. I'm Ed Benkin KYW. Newsradio wires have the night off. They will play game two of the regular season. Tomorrow night in Colorado. Flyers picked up a win in their opener last night beating the Golden Knights out in Vegas five to Wayne Simmons pair of goals. Brian Elliott twenty three saves. Sixers beat the Dallas Mavericks this morning over in China in preseason action. One Twenty-one fourteen the final JJ Rettig led the Sixers twenty eight points. He was ten of ten from the field, including seven of seven from three busy day and night of baseball playoff action. On tap all four division series. Inaction first game this afternoon. We'll be the opener of the A D LDS between the Indians and the Astros down in Houston that game set to get underway in about twenty minutes. College football Villanova will be on the road tomorrow. Visiting name in action Villanova three and two and head coach Mark Durante talks about what his squad will face in the main defense, there'd be fences good and like every other defense in this. The they run the ball they fly to the ball. And they're gonna hit you last year. These two teams met on the main line Villanova winning thirty one nothing evasion to Westchester university visits bloomsburg tomorrow. Golden Rams a perfect five on the season. Bloomsburg just two and three but Westchester head. Coach bills one expects a battle still a great rivalry game. For us. Is there homecoming tough place to play, you know, all all the things that you worry about when you play bloomsburg team also tomorrow in college football temple, hostess Carolina, Delaware visits Richmond and pen travels to Sacred Heart. That's sport. Some Matt Leon KYW NewsRadio up next on KYW NewsRadio hosts.

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