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That Andy now on W B A. B M W th calm nor Thaksin's will have access to more covert 19 vaccines. I'm Nicolo say from the wreck, Sell us a 24 7 news death. Let's say Charley calm w B. A P first traffic and weather on the ones away north and Northwest Highway Gotta wreck down once taken away, the two left lanes already sluggish their bank toward about lover's lane. I wanna and farmers Branch I 35 East South Bend of Valley View that was blocking off that left lane already heavy back toward Beltline Road. We do have one on I 35 w What kind of North Charon Parkway is still blocking the left lane and still solid. They're back in north Blue Bay, 20 and doing near the TMS. Looks like 1 14 eastbound on I 35 w that crash taken away at least one lane wghp first traffic on the ones I'm Monte Cook only classic Chevrolet Ingrate bind can bring a classic red, white and blue sales event America's largest selection of Silverado, Tahoes and Suburbans Shop Classic Chevrolet calm, Find new roads. Good morning meteorologist Brad Martin. In the W B A P Weather Center. Beautiful sunrise underway might take a look off to the east here just for a couple of minutes. Sunny, windy and warm of the high about 70 Today, South winds 15 to 25 loader night 57. Then we'll get up to maybe 74 75 tomorrow before the first of what will be several think cold fronts over the next several.

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