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One of them. The voice of Colorado live everywhere on the I Heart radio ABS. Good morning. Welcome to your Tuesday, October 20th April, says Bond. Marty Lens with you, Fox 31 pinpoint weather at five o'clock. Currently, 42 will get a high today. Right around. 70 will stay warm through most of Thursday before a 30 degree drop in tempts and a chance for moisture Friday. Good morning. Our top story here on Colorado's morning news. No new losses are being reported from the cow would fire burning in Boulder County? Damage assessment teams were able to scout the area yesterday after 26 buildings were destroyed over the weekend. Glen Haven fire Chief Kevin Zagora says saving homes is their main priority and area residents shouldn't give up hope just yet multiple homes in the past two days. Where the fire was entirely surrounding the home. Everything was black and the home was standing like nothing happened. The Cal would fire has burned just over 9000 acres. It's 17% contained left hand canyon fires holding steady at just over 300 acres and is about 4% contained as more than 1500 personnel continue to fight the Cameron Peak fire in Larimer County. The sheriff there, Justin Smith says There's been some good news the last couple of days in the last 24 hours. We believe there have been no other structure losses reported to us. That is great news. Really. Like to have more days like that. I'd like to see this be the end. Hopefully, that string of structure losses and secondly, a cz. We live outside of this, so we've been watching a lot of smoke from time to time. And that really has curtailed. That's a great sign for everybody. With the growth of the fire over the weekend containment on the Cameron Peak fire has dropped from 62 down to 51%. It's burned more than 204,000 acres. All the fires are being fueled by unseasonably warm temperatures and dry conditions for this time of year, and they'll stick around the next couple of days. Before that change. We were talking about sets in on Thursday..

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