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Back into our cardinal classic rewind pregame shows we get set for game seven of the nineteen eighty two World Series the cardinals and the Milwaukee Brewers you know the cardinals were led by an incredible manager the hall of Famer Whitey Herzog and what impact what he had and continues to have on the game here why he in his own words and his style of managing well basically I don't think I did a lot of things different I was in that situation and after failing miserably in Texas and I'm far before my first year was up by the I stepped into a wonderful situation in Kansas city with a good young team a good defensive off from and a big ball park in the people think we just sort of plan our running game of St Los if you'll check the phone I have five years of anesthetic we used to steal two hundred basis years there and we have over four par them ahead St Louis but the big thing about so what I contributed to the game was that the you know Oprah was planned running game Charlie Finley had her Washington and some of those guys that just fence around and so forth but basically when I come to save us they were levels are twelve home runs every year in the twelve team league in the ballpark was tremendously big three eighty five of the gaps or fifty the center about three fifty down the line so I changed the whole concept of what happened the way we try to play baseball because I we couldn't hit a home run and in the wake of the lies the bar the other team in our ballpark so I just kind of went with speed that which is the one thing in baseball you can use on both sides of the ball I mean you can use it on offense you can use it on defense so that's the way we put the ball club together and then every year we start out trying to break right Maris's record as a team and some years we did I think most years we've been there like and I when we won the World Series I think going to that we have his sixty seven home runs as an example while walking with his two hundred twenty one or twenty eight like but we could play pretty well because fundamentally we've played some baseball and defensively we could really cut off the ball in the gap what incredible manager the hall of Famer Whitey Herzog in nineteen eighty two World Series champion that I'd seen eighty five manager of the year and what he had some pretty fun weapons to deploy including Bruce Souter Anglesey Bruce at the tail end of this game game seven of the nineteen eighty two World Series but how about the closer the hall of Famers sat down with Tom Ackerman a few years ago to talk about not just nineteen eighty two is legacy but also what he likes and still take from the game today the quarterback you know goose Gossage and Rollie fingers and you know get to call the Indian cuisine very there was a you know a lot of difference but it was really you know when the game got into the seventh inning that was our territory you know when we get a we saw what we had a lead you know after seven innings so we were going to win that game and and you know we're going to going to jail and you know why he would use me there are a lot of times for six seven eight outs and would worry about tomorrow the next day and and get a today was more important six seven or eight ounce I love it and you know I love seeing the two inning save it's rare but sometimes you'll see that call Jonathan Papelbon to get the call in the eighth inning often for the red Sox and some closers get it it's exciting not that the ninth inning isn't but things have changed over the years what what has changed mostly burst well but I don't know it just seems like you know before a lot of times the starting pitcher was handed it straight off to the closer and but now that it seems like the the it's scripted you know this guy pitches the seventh this guy did you see a distracted just the ninth and the starter you give me six innings and everybody's happy and and you know it it seems to work for a lot of teams yeah I don't know if I was managing the day of the awful tough to me not you know if I got a guy on second base the the time run in the eighth inning and I got the other team's number three four hitter coming up and I got one out and I got to get these two guys out there be awful hard for me not to bring my clothes are in in the eighth inning it's still holds true today doesn't it you just have to have an established closer to win in this game absolutely I mean that's where the whole game is displayed it's you know it's the whole strategy the burning of the double switches the you know steal a base or we're taking extra bases you know goal is to get the lead the hand off you can get there is full time guys first we're going to see in the next few years I would imagine the retirement of Mariana Rivera who knows how long he's going to go but you just Marvel at a player like that don't you just being able to do it so well for so long yeah he's been he's been special and he's you know he's basically what I was was the one pitch pitcher you know his was best for my was splitting but you know he's been so amazing that you talk to hitters our voices all I wanted to pass by one it's better he does a fastball every pitch they know what's coming they know about where it's going to be and yet they still can't hit it and that's how special pitch he has and and how durable yes he did when he was set up for John wetland you know a lot of times he would pitch the seventh and the eighth and hand the ball to whether because of nine Deming and you know you were saying that Prabandhak committee tonight then so merry although even at his age now you come in in the playoffs and the you know the world surgeon pitchers last two innings yeah he well and you know I I still I see the splitter and it's out there you introduce it to the game really in the closed position the split fingered fastball do you see it off and I see it here in there I guess most famously John Smoltz smoke you know down there to let you know he would deal with some you know I think probably the the best one that I saw you know that my was Jack Morris you'll have a great one when he was pitching for the twins here Jack really had a good one and we don't want to order fifty some games and you know I think one day he'll get his chance to to go to Cooperstown yeah Jack Morris what a great pitcher he was right some of the younger guys Dan Haren use that split fingered fastball quite often as well how about the cardinals and you know we're talking about early in the year that they were able to acquire a closer in the off season they're going to have to go back and forth and try to figure out whether it was J. Samatar Chris Perez and here comes Ryan frankly this comes in close games are more regularly he's got the great leaders got great stuff obviously you know and then and get a closer that you have to have that but a lot of it is just to make up the mental part of it to be able to handle when you have a a game when everybody gets a vote to you and you don't do the job you know are you able to come back the next day to go out there with the same confidence and so party scene but you know he hasn't had to Medicare days but you know he's been able to bounce back when he has a little bit a rough time and he's done a great job for a couple of hall of Famers help get us ready for game seven the nineteen eighty two World Series outside there right now is we are gonna be treated to a great evening of baseball I'm Chris ready.

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