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From ABC news. I'm chuck. Feverish and Turkish investigators right now combing the outside and inside of the top Saudi diplomats house in is tumble. Fifteen days and surveillance video shows Washington Post writer, Jamal kashogi when inside the Saudi conflict, but there's no indication he came out ABC news senior foreign correspondent, Ian panel in Turkey talking with a close friend of kashogi Catan to kiss Leche describing what he was told a multiple briefings with Turkish security officials have been repeated claims that there is proof. The Mr. hassle g was killed. There is an audio recording. Are you aware of security officials said they do have audio? He tells us he says the recordings are when kashogi walked into the concerts. He was given a document to sign. He refused and was then killed. Turkish officials being told the President Trump wants either audio or video recordings whichever exist. He's waiting for a full report from secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, the Saudis deny involvement on the first day of legal. Recreational pot sales across Canada Trudeau administration planning to expedite pardons. For Canadians convicted of minor marijuana offenses ABC's GIO Benitez in Montreal the Canadian medical association journal calls it all an uncontrolled experiment. Putting money above the health of Canadians, but prime minister Justin Trudeau who campaigned on a promise to legalize tweeted that regulating putt means prophets out of the hands of criminals protection for our kids. It could also mean an estimated four hundred million dollars in tax revenue. California officials rolling out shake alert and earthquake early warning system for people in California, Oregon and Washington to alert schools hospitals, police, fire transportation and others before the ground shakes, Doug, even with US Geological Survey. There is a lot of work to be done. However, there is a lot of capability in the system. Is that exists today to the point where it can definitely be you? You're listening to ABC.

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