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Oh come on pokomo i know it's bad i know every word that really is yeah might wanna keep that you yourself have 25 it's okay it's okay you said that's what was up in a day pokemon go had their first ever real events in ads in chicago right yes and it was a disaster it was it was a bust they were charged zhang people twenty dollar tickets and they had twenty thousand attendees first of all who are people but apparently who came from all over the world with the the world ray all over the world came to this you know i ever polka mine go live event in chicago's grant park it was on saturday today we're supposed to be i think a twoday thing right we all weekend ordeal yeah and they were some people spend a ton of money to get there and they were supposed to be able to get certain polka mind that you could only get their these like really hard to find wines and apparently that didn't work and servers were down all over the place and i think t mobile had like the best coverage of currently in the party but all the others were struggling with the amount of people and it was just a bust year for listening to i think a lot of people forget is when you hear poke him on people initially think nintendo the ones that made the games and but that's not the company that doing all of this now it's a little honestly a small little company that was ain't nobody before this came around it's called niane niantic and they're just.

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