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Um that release he felt not the frayed it was hot that i you know i think that we get side then there are plenty of us out on the west coast as well um so various timezones various uh obstacles to overcome be they need reation or uh or a ghost's so you know everybody had there every already let's not make excuses after the fact that the bottom line is damage shack and chris harris junior sit in second place now and our position quite well jamie lancaster maneuvering a general a true general he killed it he kills either way i got points spaghetti i also got points for lady oli anna killing joffery right last season yeah i mean i was not part of it but i assume you should have yes no i mean i should get those usually the go on me retroactively yearned up to i actually that's a good point i'm gonna i could deanne them again i follow them a lot this reap because i feel like i was not given the of appoints for what sam has done this this this grading system i don't want to crush these the fantasize or there have been great us but they they go it's like strictly based on the show so sam was told for example that he's not getting promotion or a compliment you don't get the points for the the deed you did so i guess i i could see if who will hail linda admitted to killing joffrey you know three seasons ago you could be in luck for some more points.

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