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In that circumstance when a loved one has been diagnosed with an incurable neurodegenerative condition. It's a very very big issue for us. that isn't looked at. I had the opportunity just a couple of months ago to speak at the world bank about the global implications of the alzheimer's epidemic. And you know somebody has to do this because it is capturing the planet and no one in general population is aware of what's going on in the background and you opened our interview today talking about the effect of lifestyle choices and it's profound so That absolutely motivates me. I love science anyway and again when i connect dots that are so far apart and make sense out of them and have these a ha moments. I find it very very fulfilling very rewarding. Yeah absolutely will you know you're an inspiring year in optional medicine movements and just the whole raw ketogenic. Fasting might start talking about this summit. You of definitely pioneered influence myself with many of the other speakers Knowledge that thank you for all your contributions. And while i appreciate that and i appreciate this venue in the opportunity to shirts information absolutely work people find out more about you. What kind of projects working on now. Well first of all to find me. It's dr pearl. Mutter dot com renewed. Dr pro dot com. And i would say you know the the typical social media. It's david program. Be and i've people go to dr promo dot com. We have an extremely robust Searchable database of of research. Papers that really support all the stuff. We're talking about encouraged people to go there. Sign up for a free. Newsletter goes at every week. What am i working on right now. grain brain was published five years ago and has been.

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