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If we could see this Zach gentry, this is their tied end who's going to be a high pick in the NFL draft. This is a crucial play. Here's to. Zac gentry hits right in the hands for a touchdown, and he left the Notre Dame player out fighting for this. You have to snatch this. That's right in your hands. That's your hands. That was not a good pass by shape patterns. They call it a DVD name with Zach. Gentry is going to be a high pick. So he deserves he's on Mel kiper big board. Okay, bye. You see what you did you make all kinds of uses you talk about the eighteen back. They don't. I haven't finished yet Zac gentry. If he catches that, we're talking about four more points right there and then they drive down. Thanks to shape Patterson in the third quarter. And what are they do Shannon, they botch a chip shot Fugel where hits the holder right in the hands of goes right to his hands and you get off the hook, you get lucky. I just gave you seven point swing right there. That means the game should have been tied at the end of the game, and it wasn't and Michigan did have the ball back in a chance twenty four to seventeen wouldn't like it was forty. Eight to seventeen was twenty four took. Oh, did that Michigan had the ball and look like they might have chance in the ball got knocked out of his hand. I'm trying to figure out how how many more excuses you're gonna make you may not make you talked about. They brought the ninety, two eight national championship team home. So what I was out of its mind, you've got the third row. Defense coach, you khaki pants in by the way for for the last two and a half quarters of that game win. Bush and company went nowhere because all of a sudden that defense cranked up. Did you see? Chase winna, vich coming off one inch and Rashawn Gary coming off the other and Devin. Bush crank it up the middle. They were a hell lashes pass, rush and all sudden wimbush the last ten drives of the game. He went nowhere to go. Brian Kelly, the coach, Notre Dame say, look, we don't turn it over. They came to ball, Leon. We'll play with three. Yeah, we play Baltimore, Ravens football. We'll go three yard, punt the ball Pinon down. You not driving eighty on us. Now, what but I need you to stop making using. I'm not making that opened up on the road that power best receiver. Tarp black broke his foot. Last rock. This he did. He was his best receiver, but they're still they're good enough. I liked what I saw this. This'll be their hardest game of the year before that crowd opening night with no preseason wraps that was. A pretty good performance by Michigan that's getting very underrated, Alabama, don't. They don't play preseason game. They just win. They play Louisville with no Lamar, oh, you like what you saw big, go have to play over. Have play LSU, have the play ole miss goods, sippy state that could get interested. What you'll be interesting could I don't know, but you know a week to week to see, but that game harder than Ohio State for you. You said it's the hardest of the season. You really think that I think Notre Dame's defense is better than Ohio State. That's what I saw. Listen back to front. They are loaded with athletes, not Ohio if they keep love both. But after that, I don't know those guys run. That's one thing house they do guys can lift and they can run. Now, like history dictates that also this year that they're all can lift and run. They give okay. But you'll find out you find out the hard way because you come in here that Monday, it'd be disappointed talking about you get. Got let. I feel real good about Michigan because we have another bet I lost one case do. So I'm now down to ten. I'm up ten case. You've got to be down in that. We have three cases on five losses who I like my chance down night come Monday. Guess what's gonna happen? We're going better case on Carolina. I, I haven't accepted. Friday. I said all on Friday. I'll revisit that. There may be some points involved. No, that raiders play playoff hopes gone without Khalil Mack, we'll discuss that..

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