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Dolly parton first solo single was a minor hit which would go onto a major career there would later find her inducted into the hall of fame the year that song was released the institution opened its museum in two women unknown to anyone outside the industry were featured in an hour long opening night telecast is france's press and mrs joulwan france's preston and joe walker were key to bringing the museum to life bid even on the night celebrating their accomplishments they were still treaty with a mixture of respect and condescension right now because you're going to be a busy girl of throughout the evening meriva lump of comfort here and you'll be you're talking to the wider are that busy girl was the nashville vicepresident for bmi one of the most important music companies in the world and by all accounts the driving force the matru true the doors were paid for much less opened that night the other woman whose work was just as important booed who remain more in the background was joe walker that evening while preston stood out front wearing a ballgown and is sky high be fun walker appeared on screen in a jacket introducing items from the artifacts killing it a banjo of laughs evancho of earl scruggs original out heart use best sarah cardio carter of the regional carter family walker was the head of the relatively young country music association which help create the museum she started as an assistant at the cma and never imagine she would run the association just ten months later when the original director walked away as she remembered in a nineteen six interview she assumed they would hire another man that's what they said they wounded they we're looking for man.

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