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Plan that works for you Find out more and start listening free with a 30 Day trial and audible dot com. My king Deputy busies traffic on the three that we get a check of the four day WBC actor weather forecasters Dean this afternoon some mainly cloudy skies. They do expect some stories and Sprinkles. Maybe some heavier showers of rain or so keeping the islands will keep an eye on some snow for tonight, especially closest to the coast. You are the more likely already to see coding. Don't answer so and Maybe some slick spots. Temperatures tomorrow We'll get up on Lee in the low thirties real fields in the teens with another snow shower, Then it's frigid Friday real fields below zero much of the day if not all day, mid twenties sunshine Saturday. Clouding up Sunday Snow possible into Monday. Thank you but the meteorologist Tina board, WBZ bosses, NewsRadio 37 degrees Right now, in Fitchburg. It is 40 in Chatham, 36 in New Bedford 34 degrees in Boston. Several mass vaccination sites being planned in Massachusetts to distribute the covert 19 vaccine. One of them in Springfield, will be open Friday. City officials that we're looking for even more help. The Health and Human Services Secretary Helen Colton Harris says The mirrors already asked the governor from or held based with the city with financially disadvantaged people and elderly, more banks. Same sites may be needed. We would like to do more smaller sites in the city that's specific to Sprinkle residents. One idea is to put a sighting every zip code in the city. Although it's a big ask. City officials do realize that any additional sites placed in Springfield our contention on the availability of the vaccine..

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