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Black senators said there were no Americans not racist seem a little strange to me. Now everybody in America is not racist. But are you talking about whether the practice of America's racist on the people The practice of America was built on racism. All right? Yes, just opening the door for the Reverend Al Charlotte in to have a very prosperous and lucrative career himself. America's leading ambassador of race pen thing, I think it was that what it says on his business card. I think that's correct. Well, happy Tuesday to you. Are you going to join the CIA? I think it's some of irresistible with their new ad campaign. Especially if you're a justice, Gender intersectional Woman of color whose lead tanks and a millennial with an anxiety disorder and severe intellectual dwarfism. I think the CIA is just the place for you. Ah, the Democrats are the Biden administration. Undoing everything. One string at a time. You know they're the Defense Department is busy. What are they looking for? American extremists. White supremacists in the ranks of the U. S military at in order to make room for transgender. I think the transgender military the all transgender military is what the administration I believe is aspiring to it's a little bit unclear. Because.

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