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All right. Couple of phone calls in there and mentioned Todd mcshay will join us. Coming up here in a little bit couple of the things when you look at matchups this weekend. And we we had the game of the week. Ravens chiefs is that the game of the weekend. Eagles. Cowboys is is tasty because it's the Cowboys. And if the eagles would happen to win now of a sudden that changes a whole lot here. Yes. For to go Rams bears one. But ravens chiefs. I think is a strong second especially with both more trying to hang onto that succeed in the wild card number one scoring defense number one scoring offense. The Mark Jackson getting the start against Patrick Mahomes. The ravens are game back a Pittsburgh in the loss column in the north. But you that defense has been great. They're stingy. They don't give up many yards number one in total yards. They have thirty five sacks best in the NFL. And you probably can't name if I if I take away. Suggs in Wetzel, I'm sure there's a Smith in the secondary. There's there a Williams there as well. Brandon Williams, of course, of course. But the ravens because it used to be you could name the ravens defense because they were all pros this time around and they've done a great job there. And now you've got Lamar Jackson going against Kansas City. Can you control the ball? Can you keep Patrick Mahomes off the field? Can you put pressure on him? So that's that's a spicy little match up there. Yeah. Paul do you? See your cheese picked up former wider, Shannon for the bell bills. Coming band. Yeah. Surprised? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I I don't know if he loves football when you see him, and you go now, that's a man that's a grown, man. And then you watch him play. It doesn't play like a grown, man. But this is your last call. This is it and I was surprised Denver. Didn't pick him up. Kansas City picks him up Denver needs wide receivers. And they didn't pick him on. Yes. Mclovin. There is one tweet that I I really liked that he was disappointed when he found out. It was Casey KFC. Mean-spirited whatever he killed, my friend, Nathan Peterman career singlehandedly. He's an interception. Sees the one day to beat them ninety percent of his picks Calvin Benjamin Walli gagging around and throwing away at every other. Are you? Sure, are you. Sure. That nine hundred show the pick six against Texans watch the row Calvin Benjamin pretends to run it is unbelievably lazy. I'm by the way. I totally sure about that. Because any bills fan will tell you Calvin Benjamin was a killer. Oh, yeah. I don't want him. But now you've got two bills. Former bills on the team Sammy Watkins and Kelvin Benjamin. We're gonna find out how good Patrick Mahomes is like anybody can make Kelsey look good or tyreek hill. Now, they make you look good. Can you make Kelvin Benjamin? Look good feel lot tougher for him to blame the quarterback now. Yeah. Yes. Mclovin. By way, you mentioned that the Jags were built to play from head or the raven the same way if they get up seven nothing in this game, they're gonna play four corners, right? And just but if they fall behind Lamar Jackson throw. I don't I don't know if being up seven nothing is going to change the philosophy of Kansas City. And know, I mean Baltimore are they're up seven nothing. Are they slow it down for the rest of the game? Oh, yeah. If you can't I mean that would be my philosophy against Kansas City because nobody can go toe to toe with offensively. The Rams did. But it's really it's rare to be able to go toe to toe. I want every possession to mean something when Mahomes gets on the field. I want to add even more pressure to you have to score against us. Because if you don't we're going to have a seven minute drive, and we might not even score on the seven minute drive. But we're going to take time off the clock. That would be my approach if you're you're gonna face Kansas City already Seton. You've got another meet Friday song for us. Do you wanna go with a another holiday wish your why not or do you want to well actually here? Why don't we play a man in California? Because I know that this will get you in. Okay, here we go. Mark..

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