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Yes there's a lot there's a lot of love. Gosh Yeah Too. And like you brought me one of these back I WanNa it was something like the summer peach. Yeah I I think that timeline checks out and they also. That was probably late in their strawberry season. So they have. Strawberry Rhubarb is a popular option for them and then later like in like fall. They have Perr Ginger fritters like all of it. I'm on all of it right like right now. I literally just go. You know what we're going to have to find a way to get back to New Mexico in the next couple. I missed that and reminiscing about. It is not helping when we're not there. No it's not helpful at all and then and other place that I loved was Santa has a great. They have a very robust coffee shop scene. They do much to my delight. They have plenty of those. My favorite was this place called sky coffee and it's in the railyard area of which seems to be a very kind of up and coming in like industrial area hip but like that's where like the Rei was and area. You're obsessed with because you're getting those town mountain bars from. Yeah and only I can only get them in areas. So that's what brought me to that. Area was to stock up on energy bars and then I was like Oh. Here's a coffee shop. That looks really cute. So hot in there and it did not disappoint. It's really sunny bright. It looks like kind of a white cottage definitely place that I would just chill out working main computer for a little while which is exactly what I did and they have like wonderful espresso and Cortott does Chai per over coffee. They've come on tap and then they have lots of coffee cake and muffins and they also supply a limited selection of. Who's doughnuts so in case you can't make debate. They were ownership. Yeah and last but not least has probably one of the better views was that rooftop Cantina For Margarita's yes. I was like are fun. Awesome like bar hopping night in downtown Santa Fe and this is the grid casual option. It's very chill lively vibe. Still kind of silence in artsy but like much more laid back I would say and spacious rooftop we were able to like Mosey right up to the edge. Pretty much and just have like a couple of margaritas probably like guacamole chips. Solid foods solid Margaritas. Like nothing too crazy. Fancy it's about the views but then they do have that like Fancy restaurant inside though they do. Yeah which is just right through the doors and I remember just like sitting sitting there chilling. The Sun was setting and it was the most idyllic experience and a great way to cap off just a wonderful dream evening in Santa Fe. Yeah and I cannot get enough of Santa Fe or Albuquerque or New Mexico like all of this from blue corn donuts to like blue corn lagers at bow and Arrow and Green Chili Pizza. Grizzly Turkey sandwiches. I love it all such a wonderful and you know what's crazy. This is just a taste of New Mexico. Yeah it just tastes so I can't wait to go back and re eat re drink all of us and then just explore everything else. Because it's really unless you've been listening to park land show about National Parks Park Land. As production of iheartradio created by Mac Cara Wack wack and. Christopher has Yoda's produced and edited by Mike John's our executive producer is Christopher. Has He Otis our researcher. It's Jesulin Shield especial thanks GOES OUT TO GABRIELLE COLLINS. Crystal waters and the rest of the Park Lane crew. And Hey listeners. If you're enjoying the show leave us a review on Apple podcasts? It helps other people like you find our show. You can keep up with us on social media as well. Check out our photos from our travels on instagram at park. Alenia pod and join the conversation in our facebook group Parkland Rangers from our podcast. My heart radio visit iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows and as always thank you for listening..

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