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Salad. Nightside with Dan Rae. WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty it rolling. We're going to go next to John and revere. John. Thank you for your patience. You're next on nightside. John. Go ahead. Sure right back at you. What's on your mind? I can't help. But laugh to think, you know, that back to the days of, you know, uncle Ted Ted Kennedy in people used to use him as an example of, you know, the the lunatic left, you know, like, Ted Kennedy. And and and you look at some of these people popping up, and it's like God. I wish we could have Ted Kennedy back. He's he's a moderate, you know. Yeah, I think that the Democratic Party has slid a very far to the left, and I don't know that in general election. They're going to be able to crawl their way back. If I look at the candidates who are running for president you pick an issue, and they're pretty much on the edge. Yeah. I mean, I I would call myself. I used to call myself a Ted Kennedy leftists, and now it's like, oh, my I mean. Let me ask you this. Let me ask you a question. You think Jack Kennedy could be a member of the Democratic Party today. No, no way. I don't think he'd be Republicans so to speak. I mean, he would be maybe some type of an independent, I think, well, I don't see a it's it's it's amazing. What's happened? Why do you? Why do you think the Democrats have allowed this? This this stank on this odor of anti-semitism to inhabit their party. I think it's a combination of political correctness gone awry, I think they're afraid to put this foot down. On. I mean, I hate to. I hate to say the issue. The thing the thing that bothers me as as a gay American. Okay is. It just seems to me. Yeah. The Democratic Party is quick to criticize. Christian the Christian, right? Okay. If they speak bigotry or they speak anti-semitism. Why do they not criticize it not so quick to criticize a Muslim or an Islamic person? Well, tell you this I speak bigotry, speak anti-semitism. I think a lot of people in on what you would call Christians. It's Christian right now sort of your evangelical Christians, they are huge supporters of Israel. And I think that that they have they have shed the the skin of anti-semitism like shit a snake sheds their skin on that issue. You can agree or disagree with them on a lot of issues. Okay. John, particularly if you're gay. I I certainly understand your position they are. But I think that anti-semitism. It's not grown on on on the right in this country. It's dissipating on the right in this country. And it's growing. It is. It's pretty sad when I'm more comfortable in some instances with. With with Christian. Right. You know, we you. We've kind of beating them back on the issue of, you know, hey, you know, live and let live and now you have this new faction coming in and the Democrats in in the leftists. I don't feel like I feel like they would back somebody creaking SRI law over my rights as a gay American. Well, that's the big. That's the big problem. You know, you look at what goes on to what happens to gay people in a lot of these Islamic fundamentalist countries. And it ain't pretty pretty John. John. Thank you for your loyalty. News program. Keep calling nightside your perspective is so important. Thank you very much. Thanks. Let's keep it rolling. Ten is in east Boston, Tim, you're next on nightside. Go right ahead. Are you doing, Dan, I'm doing great, Tim? What's your take on this? Well, you know, I think that. So that doesn't mean that she all Jewish people a billion..

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