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I know about this new medium call podcasting there is a there is no roman history podcast and i just stena started fitting everything together in my head and sat down one day and was like i'm just gonna do a narrative history podcast that will explain the entire roman empire from beginning to end i i can do this why can't i do this um and i just started doing it that's awesome will a good free of do that i love hearing stores people with a look in they had a problem sala wasn't being fill so they started themselves that's awesome um so your book the storm before the storm uh is taken from this podcast you've you did and you've focus particularly on the years before the fall of the roman republic there's lots of stuff out throughout the fall the roman empire i'm curious out of all the history of rome you covered in years of your podcasts why did you pick this particular period in roman history so i settled on this particular period there's there's two reasons why i wound up like with this particular period which is about one forty six b c to want to seventy eight b c is first of all eight like you say everybody everybody knows the story of caesar and mark antony and cleopatra like that that stuff there without was covered in hbo's rome series um you know those those guys those personalities those stories are told over and over and over again um and there's tons of great roman history that people don't ever get to experience because we have a tendency to go back to like the old favorites um you know we just want the greatest hits we don't want new material i guess arm.

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