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D'Andre Swift. So second-year tight end, TJ Hawkinson out of Iowa, had a good year. He made his first Pro Bowl. He's a former number. Eight overall pick in 2019 to see a make a pro bowl, very encouraging. I he will forever be compared to his former Iowa teammate. Noah Fant, Noah Fant first, DJ Hawkinson. No offense went to Denver TJ Hawkinson, home, Detroit, but man it'll be really interesting to see him continue to grow and seeing him make a Pro Bowl. That's encouraging in a second-year. Now, D'Andre Swift the Lions. Rookie running back last year. I had a really, really rough start to his NFL career. He dropped the game-winning pass with five seconds left SAR. Six seconds left in the game. Week 1 against Chicago, your first ever NFL game play starts with, eleven seconds left, you dropped the ball at 6 that comes up and you, you drop the game-winning touchdown and your first ever NFL game is a brutal way to start off your NFL career. But after that, D'Andre Swift bounced back. He was trading time at Adrian, Peterson a running back and Jack Swift ended up having a pretty decent year. As far as rookie years ago, he had he ran for 521 yards eight touchdowns. He also had 46 catches for 357 yards and two touchdowns. I would imagine that as Detroit kicks off their rebuild. They're very excited. Have a Galaxy Andre Swift as part of their football team. And I, I just two people that there's not a lot to cheer about last year in Detroit were really everyone. I'm sure is looking forward to next year. But, looking back at last year, hey, D'Andre Swift a young runningback. A guy can put in your rotation with Jamaal Williams and be really excited about. And then, hey, TJ! Hi. Is it made a Pro Bowl? That's awesome. And those are my key takeaways. From the Detroit Lions season last year in 2020. Now Minnesota I predicted the Minnesota Vikings would go 10:00 and 6 last year and the reality is they went seven and nine, they finished third month in the NFC North and the two main reasons for this are really our kind of three but the new main reasons are number one. Their defense had a ton of injuries last year in 2020. They had struggles the Vikings head coach. Mike Zimmer was not happy, he's a defensive guy and they did not play up to his standard. Now, reason number two is, the Vikings quarterback, the unfortunate reality is that Kirk Cousins is not living up to the massive contract, the Vikings gave him. The expectation was he will be the final piece of the puzzle to put them over the top. Chef Kirk was supposed to help them win big.

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