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Org with hurricane erma aiming squarely at florida up to a million people were told to evacuate coastal areas in the sunshine state in neighboring georgia thursday mid worries that fuel shortages and traffic bottlenecks could swore the mass exodus the state home to more than twenty million people governor rick scott warned residents on both coasts to be ready to get out before the monster storms strikes south florida late saturday experts hope to avoid mass casualties by assuring residents out of the riskiest areas in what could be the largest us evacuation since hurricane rita four three point seven million people to leave texas and louisiana in two thousand five already thirty one thousand p people have sled the florida keys chain of islands and scott warren people yet to evacuate to get out fast more than six hundred and fifty thousand people in miami dade tony are being told to leave after miami mayor carlos gimenez expanded the mandatory evacuation zones further inland along the south east florida coast although many were expected to stay behind to try to protect their homes it's difficult decision to make i have friends down there there hunkering down loading up on supplies and hoping for the best some people say oh just leave well it's not so easy you don't know once you leave if you're going to be able to get gas once you're take runs empty and then what do you do so many people are making the decision to stay home it's an awful position to be and because the storm is no joke dortha arts and prayers go out to the the folks in florida and georgia or dealing with this awful awful storm i wanna switch gears and talk about an.

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