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RDA time three oh one president trump's longtime ally whose gaze caused a rift in the justice department has been sentenced today the three years four months in prison ABC's Karen Travers has more from Washington no immediate reaction from president trump after his long time friend and ally Roger stone was sentenced to forty months in prison during the sentencing hearing which lasted more than two hours president trump took to Twitter questioning the fairness of the case against stone speculation has been growing about whether the president will issue a pardon for stone president told reporters this week he hasn't given it any thought yet but he quickly added he believes stone has been treated unfairly a New York City man has pleaded guilty today to charges he tried to fix a college basketball game ABC seven contest he has more Benjamin the Falco told the court he approached a player for an unnamed division one NC double a basketball team and offered money to lose by more than the point spread the player who was not identified did not accept the bride prosecutors said the Falco of Staten Island concocted a scheme to fix the game that they uncovered in December twenty eighteen during an investigation into organized crime court records said the Falco had approached a couple from the Colombo crime family and urged him to place a big bet on the game no wagers were ever placed the Falco will be sentenced in June a winter weather advisory is in effect until seven tomorrow morning as snow begins to spread across parts of the state right now NBC two about comes Andrew Friedman is predicting a dusting to an inch from the metro metro area it is on the high side and again I want to stress that as we make this work as it's you know a dusting of an inch they could be you know a dusting or nothing for a lot of folks that are out there listening to Debbie RBA so is as far from a sure thing in the city of Richmond it's much more of a sure thing for listeners that are down in the tri cities and south onto since the tri cities get get one to two inches while points farther south east could see two to four inches the complicating factor will be temperatures plunging into the low twenties overnight because anything on the ground to freeze okay special attention and and trying to tackle those areas when we can and will be looking out for those addressing them with salt and sand to get traction and break down IT patches but we definitely want drivers to be hyper aware and ready to just travel the dots Bethany Glover says they started pre treating roads yesterday for areas from Richmond to south and we'll go to round the clock salting standing in treating once the snow begins to fall law offices a forty three year old German who posted a manifesto calling for the complete extermination of various races and cultures shot and killed nine people most of them Turkish and an attack on a hookah bar and other sites in suburban Frankfort chancellor Angela Merkel said today that the shootings expose the poison of racism in Germany the bloodshed comes amid growing concerns about far right violence in Germany and stepped up efforts to crack down on it checking your money the Dow down one hundred fifty five point two twenty nine thousand one hundred ninety three S. and P. down fifteen nasdaq down seventy six your.

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