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So there are clint leeson books still with this why i personally like this is and why i think it matters as well is that i was a mad collector of the star trek customize will kagame way back in the day so this is physical cod bowed 'cause right now that stature kagame gave me was published by a company called decipher and it's been long discontinued but as soon as i get my head around the cryptic itit's thing and the underlying so of fundamental concepts that it's based on i could see this doctorate customize will kagame easily making a comeback right if not that game then in a magic the gathering monte the gathering rather definitely needs to adopt this mountains muddle right i personally would spend more time and more money on a blood chain based version of magic the gathering then i would on the physical innovation anything stopping that from happening really having a magic the gathering on the book chain is that the company i am the company owns the copyright would have to do it right and they probably have a number of different conflicting business priorities and goals that they would have to consider if they would launch an monte the gathering as a digital assets on the book chain right and also the couldn't have i mean this is a starts of this this character kitties game it sam it's not published by annual majors fires i know so there's nothing at risk you know tisza reputation zone as much at the gathering is is a serious business so they couldn't afford for it to not work right.

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