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Zone just stay there that prelims start at five forty five main carts nine prelims also available dot com and the belt or app and the main card and we'll also air on the paramount network if you enjoy watching the old t._v. For your fights <hes> this heavyweight showcase metro sergei kotov in the main event their first fight eight back in february lasts about fifteen seconds ended in a no contest material and accidentally clipped the little surges <hes> so i think we're expecting a little more action this time around. Also you've got former delatour heavyweight champion fatality minakov coming off his first career loss <hes>. He's looking to bounce back. He's facing the legend killer hobby. I allah and you got intriguing battle of unbeaten heavyweight prospects tyrel fortune and rudy chef roth and then there are tons of notable names on the prelims nick newell making his belt or debut view. Mr p._v._c. himself bantered former u._c. Heavyweight timothy johnson bantamweight prospect kimball ricky bandai has anri gracie lots lots of guys to watch lots of fights to watch so as i said the beginning no you have see no problem thanks alex and finally ahead of his unification about against habib number. Go made off the you have c. Interim lightweight champion dustin poirier and his foundation a good fight is teaming up with justin rennes fight for the forgotton and to help raise funds for a new well and water tower for the bottle pygmy children after a flood recently ruined the only water source at their school and orphanage. You can give your donation at the good fight group dot com. That's it for us here. At this is an anime news show. This is lin for enemy fighting. Subscribe to our youtube channel. Follow us on twitter at m._m._a. Fighting and instagram at m._m._a. fighting d._o._t. C._o._m. so am and thanks for watching this show <music> craft show hi medically editor in chief of eater. I am daniel janine up producer here at eater and we are here to tell you about our brand new podcast adjust every week on the show we dive into the weirdest funniest and most important stories in the world.

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