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The numbers live save the nearly three million more out of work Americans ask for first time helplessly the two point nine eight million first time claims considerably higher than the two and a half million many economists were expecting it brings the total number to more than thirty six million who filed claims in the last eight weeks that's when the pandemic started hitting many businesses hard some states still processing a backlog of claims last week's number is still historically high but it is a six straight weeks of declines Dave Williams stock futures are falling on Wall Street as a results we have to open our country now we want to do it safely but we also want to do it as quickly as possible we can't keep going on like this president trump tells fox business things will get better especially next year ten states will lift restrictions tomorrow Wisconsin state home water has been ordered to end by next Tuesday by the state Supreme Court which ruled the governor had over reached in our top administration doctor will testify at the house the president calls Rick bright disgruntled right claims he was reassigned after opposing a push for an unproven corona virus treatments a preview of his testimony includes this morning quote our window of opportunity is closing if we fail to developing national coordinated response based in science I've been a pandemic will get far worse and be pro long causing unprecedented illnesses and fatalities fox's Shannon bream back to the president he also reacted to the Michael Flynn saga this morning who is the greatest political crime in the history of our country Colin pleaded guilty to lying in the Russia probe the justice department is trying to drop the case over FBI tactics with the judge wants to consider perjury charges Joe Biden was among the Obama administration officials requested unmasking Flynn's name Republicans call the fishy bond campaigns as Republicans are grossly politicizing intelligence America's listening to fox news from W. Y. P. C. mobile news all the level on the go how many more could have had it spotty showers on radar thunderstorms possible this afternoon fifty six downtown I'm Kirk Darling for window man windows here's what's trending at nine OO to over fifteen hundred people have died from corona virus in Indiana but that's just a small portion of the people who may have already had it says near Medicaid me with the I. U. Fairbanks institute we have not calculated the infection fatality rate in Indiana to be zero point five eight percent he says over one hundred eighty six thousand Hoosiers may have had or already have had the virus the car heroes act is getting a zero support from rob some Republicans in Congress Chris Davis reports on why senator Mike Braun says it's dead on arrival in the Senate Ron says he doesn't believe Republicans will commit the.

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