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Him wildly. Her all time to get. Social Jim Jackson is back. Segment Darnell Smith our social media. Yeah. Yeah. Feeling good. Get them to start for you. I get straight into what y'all guy LeBron who was spotted on the bench last night. Having a simple something with two dollars more than just Gatorade a lot of people assuming that wanna aficionado LeBron vino into the court during the game. I mean, we see bribery wanted to the court before. So to me the deal. What do you think? Jim you called this game. What he did that the first thing I said some vino up in this. Yes. When I said that water bottle to nice. He was black in temperature controlled Cuban at about sixty five degrees looking at that that ain't team issue right there. That's that's some of the two buck Chuck. Y'all. Let you Chuck. No, we come on, man. We elevated ourselves is going on you ain't elevated you pay him. I'm not gonna comment on this. Sound like old funny? Daddy, man. Go ahead. Eight. Biz when the players take into the stands. We weren't into gangs. We used to drink wine. Alcohol want. Clear liquid. We always bike are pedialyte with a little dying. You know, vodka. Energy. Kimes room is LeBron over may team of in Los Angeles next year. Keep popping online loud reactive NBA Twitter..

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