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The soundtrack of college football chaos. The announcers losing their minds. House. Here's the festival weekend excessive celebration. The east Lansing as we mentioned. This one was shipping for the outset during the pre-game walk through Michigan state walking, arm and arm as a team as they normally do walking the length of the football field while wolverines were out there. Trying to warm up. There's a confrontation. And during the game. Obviously, it was a chippy affair. It was an aggressive affair. But at the end of the day. This was a win. Jim Harbaugh team is not normally become accustomed to which is beating a rival especially on the road, especially Michigan state, but they pulled the trick yesterday. Twenty one to seven and the wolverines get out of there with the victory. It's the football back to throw looks throws throwing deep down the right sideline. And it's caught the fifty thirty. Touchdown. Jim Brandstatter are Michigan g sports network the shape? Patterson had a couple of big throws in this game. There's that element of the offense that Michigan has been without for couple of seasons. He.

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