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Until later today. A high speed car chase has ended in the San Fernando Valley, the driver of a covered truck was seen intentionally veering to sideswipe other drivers as he sped by on the 405. And to 10 freeways last night, the man eventually stopped when he crashed into the middle barricade, causing a trail of sparks cop stays the man as he walked up to them quickly and ignored orders. Thousands of families have been flocking to the Orange County Fair for a taste of fried fair food. Despite the pandemic, the OSI affairs Terry Moore says, people can get deep fried Oreos deep fried cheesecake. Even deep fried butter cruise around and go to the stands that they want order from. There's no getting out of the car, no parking. Everybody's safe in their masks, the vendors, representives will come up and take their order, and then they can go and enjoy their food in a park at the beach or in the safety of their own home. More says people can also get turkey legs, roasted corn, Hawaiian chicken bowls and other fair favorites. Room about a dozen vendors, he says the weekend event has been so popular. It's being extended until the end of October. And finally some say he's nothing but a rat. Others say. He's a hero. His name is Minagawa, and he's been awarded a gold medal for showing lifesaving bravery and devotion to his duty and Cambodia. Margot is a land mine detection rat. The tiny little guys cleared more than 141,000 square meters of land in Cambodia, and for that he's gotten the PT as a gold medal for animals, which is equivalent to awards. Given two British citizens and members of the military. Magali can search an area as large as the tennis court in just 30 minutes, where it would take up to four days for a human with a metal detector to clear the same size area in addition to his tiny gold medal It was promised some extra watermelon this weekend. Jennifer Jones Lee Ko Phi News, So Cal weather from Ko Phi Sunny skies. Mild temperatures right now. 65 in Sherman Oaks, 60 Foreign Downey. 64 in Braila and 66, Irvine. We lead local.

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