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I pretty sure most teams do it. I know teams I was on right from testing after you, do you know weight, body, fat, all the bench, press whatever the tests are and you just everyone goes to just crush burgers, have a beer. It's like, oh my God, I could find just play hockey now. Yeah, it's yeah, it's I, I don't disagree with that. I was a veto to animal. You know that biz. Where are you animal? What's available to animals like Lance Armstrong. What's that mean? What's to the listeners who don't know? So vio to is test. I probably butcher this. I'm pretty sure to test it basically checks like how your wind, like how long can you be out there for and not get tired? I biz. Can you describe a payer than me? It is. It's it's a trust that the teams use in order to Catholic, how many beers and fought have you had over the summer time so that I wasn't really my strong suit. I was more of like a general kind of guy. Hey, don. I heard on Keith did have a veto to number that was actually light. Lance Armstrong's, which by explains why he could. You know who you know who's a freak is Brett burns. Apparently he like caffeine wise. He's. Yeah. Well, yeah, I guess so. Yeah. Do blood, oh boys. One thing that we haven't touched on yet. Is that a couple of signings or something? Yup. Yup. Tillerson San who we got, who actually I before on the signings biz we, we'd forget the mentioned. We got Tyson Jost in Blake, Kumo coming on the show a little later. So. As for the signings there. Let's see. We mentioned Brady shot already, Ryan Ellison the six year, fifty million dollar deal with what bargain nice blogging for them on ice deal for 'em as well. And Dylan Lakhan deep boss signed a five five-year thirty point five million dollar deal in Detroit in with Zada bird got if you both come back. Lots of chatter about him, put potentially be the next captain in Detroit show. Those are the big signings since last show while with jets AAC on wits. Ryan Ellis what a deal. I mean, you you gotta think if he's on the open market, he's getting paid. What a player is. It's funny he dominated and really came on the scene, at least for me world juniors, I remember seeing him to it felt like three years, two years in a row for Team Canada just dominate run the pobably had a canon. I remember Taylor hall. I asked about him. I said that that good. He's really undersized like I didn't. He just a power play specialists in in halls. He had played in Windsor with him and said, no, this kid's unreal is shots insane. He's quick. He wins battles. He's smart. And I mean, there was times I thought when the predators went to the Cup finals, I like he was like their best player. He was insane, and then it sucked that he missed a lot of the year. Last year with injury came back and was still beast after missing a lot of time which is hard to do. So that's a huge deal and Dylan Larkin Twenty-one still, I think, or maybe twenty two now. So good season last year. Around sixty two games around forty five point somewhere in that ratio. I don't know exactly, but I think they're both signings that make sense. I just think Nashville got got a great deal on Ellis. At that exit term in order to get them at such a good bargain about states that doesn't have state tax. So that probably factored in a little bit as well. And they keep that big four together. And anytime you have a vacuum like that and and obviously the goaltender they do. I mean, I mean, they're gonna. It could have a bunch of second third line is making, you know, potentially get the job then as far as family top, so they they relevant and they're going to be strong. Rooting for them. Nellis put up a hundred one points when he played in Windsor. When season you go two hundred points in the all. He got in in twenty ten twenty eleven in fifty eight games. He had twenty four goals in seventy seven. Assists one points. Henrik points is a demand, and it's not the Quebec league Oli shit. Yet he had a, he had a coming out party..

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