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The wmal weather channel forecast a very mild morning patchy fog and clouds around developing sunshine through today seventy two overnight tonight fog and clouds back 59 degrees tomorrow clouds give way to sunshine record wore seventy eight i'm meteorologist ray stagich clamor the weather channel on wlsam right now fifty four in arlington fifty wanted damascus fifty four degrees in washington on bill thompson on one on 59 fm and am six thirty washington's mall wifo washington mornings on the law and a of six thirty good morning this morning's on the mall coming up this morning is 705 joe did genevaux will join us break down those indictments from over the weekend eager for that steve cast about will be here at 735 this morning from south korea talking about the winter olympics eight fivetruck fees is a former campaign manager for mayor vince gray we'll talk about the mayoral battle as another scandal rocks dc schools and then larry kudlow will be with us at eight thirty five on bids colonized with mary walter and joining us now is ashley cornered the at large representative for the dc state board of education ashley good morning welcome to mornings on the mall good morning then good morning meryl are want to talk to you about what's going on with the chancellor of the schools antoine wilson he apparently has been caught with putting his child first in in schools that are outside of the district where he lives the area where he lives out of his ward of first going to duke ellington school then moving his child in to the wilson school he should the child should be going to the dunbar school and this has broken and end the deputy mayor jennifer announce has resigned over this wanted just play a cut for you here cut nine mike this is antwun wilson on fox five explaining why he moved his daughter to a different school my daughter was struggling social animal emotionally engaging in behaviors we had never seen before thirdly affecting our health and not eating coming out of her room and expressing real anxiety around going to to school and i won folks to understand that as a paradise had certainly had tunnel vision and as a chancellor my focus was really trying to make sure that my wife uh was able to get.

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