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Good girl season to you, by the way starts on March third. So you have time to catch up. It's real worth it. There's never been anything on the lifetime channel that's been seen by forty million people. Mean not just lifetime. We shouldn't. We shouldn't pile on lifetime like many cable channels, right? So. Any chance, but lifetime in particular has a certain stigma. I think which is not real when they could've. Yeah. No. I would say, yes. I would say yes, except I I saw season two of unreal. Good. Season one of those great great. And then it went very downhill saved. Unreal. Didn't they and didn't quite work out for them? Well, that's that's good girls and watched on Netflix, even though I debuted on NBC, and we'll see how continues to happen in our digital age. Jeff Tanada you've done something that you've extremely rarely do. We just take David jen's advice. Yeah. Yeah. You'd think I would have learned my lesson at this point. But no, I still I still go back into the into the into the breach last week. You raved about escape at Denham Maura, and it sounded like a show that I would love and that my wife would love and that we would love to binge, and it it physically pains me to say, so, but man, you were right. Nice. It is it's a fantastic show. We're we're not finished yet. We're about halfway through short show. But each episode feels like film, like a full film mo- most. I think the shortest episode is fifty five minutes. So like in the longest episode like ninety minutes of they're very lengthy episode. So they also structured like in their shot beautifully. But they're also sort of each one has its own intro kind of thing going on it feels like a film mic experience a cinematic experience. So they're full full meals each episode, and man, it's great the performances are outstanding Paul dano, and she'll Toro, but especially. Patricia. Orca Patricia Arquette. Oh my God. She's amazing. She's always amazing. She's just always great. But this show in particular. She really is is just free to be ugly and despicable and sort of. Not not a good person in this show. Right. Not a good person. But very believable, very real. I mean, this is a true story. They're playing real people. But I have not yet conto to see if if there's a likeness. That's that's comparable. I haven't looked up the store. Here's a pro tip. Don't Google real life people of shows that you're watching that are based on things because it will almost certainly spoil it like, right? I'm not like literally the Google auto complete will spoil what is going to happen the show. So don't don't do that. But it is it's phenomenal. It is beautifully shot by Ben Stiller directed each episode. And I'm suddenly in all of his directorial talented. It's really like felt like it came out of nowhere. Like we've seen him Rick things before. But this is like a order of magnitude more difficulty than I feel like anything he's ever done, and such daring choices and really allowing the actors to sort of flourish in ways that you don't normally. We see and television shows like this it it's really good and also kind of makes your skin crawl and in a lot of ways. I mean, just went just wait. What just wait?.

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