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Right now man that was handled beautifully they have that all right in the lines get all weird and we're is normally good but not this case I've got kind of a fascination with set ups setups technical set ups even long before this all went down long before the virus hit I've always been kind of fascinated by people's office set ups desk setups Max set ups so we see all these gems coming home and having to conduct the draft it's really interesting to see the weather going about it like John Lynch I saw a picture of his set up really clean John Schneider with the Seahawks tallies got twenty five different monitors he's getting ready Tom Telesco is getting really clean set up and then you've got the lions with a Winnebago outside of queens house that's not a clean set up and again if you have a better idea than that and you showed that's I made a choice thing but if you do not have a better idea than that and man you better I keep that to yourself I would not be telling people at yeah you know what we're good we're ready I've got a Winnebago and my I. T. camped out outside Winnebago you're wrong the only thing better is it the I. T. guy was Dominick Ramos I mean they do live in Detroit can't get enough body guards sign J. in Denver good one J. good one J. good Dominique Rey is reset J. race is amazing story again I'm not here to crack on Detroit I love Detroit am I saying that scan on their good side good town really good sports down extremely proud city great sports fans they deserve better than a GM with a Winnebago on front of his house but they've got a sequester their IT guy apparently and he's going to be sequestered there for three days one eight hundred six three six eight six eight six if you have figured out yet Scott Brooks is out on this segment we are going to move him to a nother spot now the way the show is supposed to set up Charles Davis coming up at twenty past next hour he's an NFL network analyst I'm looking to announce the smack off date at the top of our number three but that could change we are in a very fluid situation right now one thing that probably won't change the German podcast after the program today BJ Armstrong is going to be my guest and again the thing is don't worry about him BJ Armstrong one three ranks plan with Michael Jordan and then he retired from the game and went to work with Jerry Krause as a special assistant so he can speak to all of that and what was like play with Mike back in the day he's a player agent right now and again it was on this day in two thousand four the former NFL or Pat Tillman was killed in Afghanistan by friendly fire and just as kind of a heads up a teacher I've said it many times over the years Pat Tillman was one of the most compelling individuals I've ever spoken to either are out there either in or out of sports so he definitely had a prominent prominent prominent place on this program and I've got contact then why show later on if you out dots on Pat Tillman you want to share going to sell I've had numerous coaches and athletes over the years on the show talking about Pat Tillman all right so there is our number one we come back with a second hour we'll see what it holds top story of course Gronk coming out retirement to me granted not retire from the game he retired from the hood one eight hundred six three six eight six eight six you're in the jungle I am Jim Rome Charles Davis next hour I'm looking for a spot for Scott Brooks and the smack up twenty.

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