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So, that was my start a my GM career and you. You never looked back. I've never looked. Nominal yeah. What would you say is? The biggest difference between being in management, because you're still certainly responsible for an overall number, so sales is still part. I, as opposed to being a what was the biggest shock for you? While the biggest, the biggest change is you're responsible for everything including the license. Which you know Kayla Sex era? That's a whole different story. But. I mean you just have to? Here's the one thing you have to learn to do. I. Don't think any good general manager. CanNot learn the art of delegation. which is a senior management skillset, so you have to be able, and I was always the sales general manager, and I never wanted to lose my my hands on the sales part of the of the industry because I knew that's what drove the engine, and I was very fortunate to align myself with great programmers and great talent, so if you had the great talent and the Great. Programmers, the sales are working to make the difference. You know it's interesting. He said at the beginning of the podcast that you are sober from twenty one to thirty five. Right when you become general manager thirty five, you start drinking again now. Those were called the The ninety seven cents happy hours. We used to Ha-. So, how long are you there as GM? I was there from. Nineteen eighty to nineteen ninety one. Years the long run. Who owned was greater media all greater media. And then. Norm Patas. which goes back to the original story? Norm Patas calls me from Westwood One And says. I want you to come over and run my radio division, which was pirate radio in Los Angeles. Any W am in New, York and WNYC FM in New York, which gigantic opportunity so Zantac operative dive into this for a second arm is just a huge personality icon icon creator. Greater media was a pretty stable company stable. Corporate I think probably treated you very well. I was treated like a king. We were forty percent of the revenue of the company cheese. Now norm at this point I know were enormous reputation as of today in in looking I've never really worked directly with him, but I think all of us in this industry. No Fair amount you've got to give him his due respect. I mean I really invented syndication as we know it, he'll go as far to claim that he's invented. podcasting I'M GONNA I'll give him that, but he certainly been a big influence and. and well without without norm, there wouldn't be podcast networks. He sought and we'll get into. Yeah, so, what is his reputation? At this point? He's the best in the world. He really is I mean he's a creative genius. I carried a lot of shows on Kayla. That's all we knew each other okay. He took me to a bunch of LAKER Games. Once you know once you sit on the floor. And then they call you and say we're want you to run this twelve hour special. You're not saying no. Norm. has seats literally on the floor next to Jack? Nicholas, right Nicholson Sorry, the Gulf in the actor sometimes confused on Golfing. Fan, but you couldn't ask for better seats at the Lakers dabs his logo, I I love his famous for rolling up his program and he'll get up on his on his feet. Jump Up and down and. Raise his hand with his program and yell at the The refs and the players, and so forth so that's his logo. Is Him holding that that program, so he's a very dynamic Laker fan to say the very least he bleeds. Great Great Guy so you go to work there and pirate in of itself is just a gigantic I mean that station just exploded on the scene here and in La Is Scott Shannon there at that? Also I'm brought in to replace the takeover Scott Shannon's leaving. Okay, we're going to phase two of pirate, which is alternative rock, because pirate kind of hit that crossroads where they didn't, they couldn't make the decision or didn't make the decision between alternative and and yeah hop forty the hair bands. They didn't kind of right we're having. Destroyed a because. They had no idea that this was going to become. What, what those hair bands I mean welcomed the without pirate radio guns, N. Roses I. Don't think would have been anywhere close to guns and I think of Gr and pirate radio like Souness Oh they are. Scott was a genius you know when he came in here and talk about station that disrupted the market in a matter of weeks just within a handful months sow. It was amazing and you guys spent a lot of money. I remember the outdoor. I remember. There was no joke when it came to the marketing and radio station right. So, what is that like? You decide to make that jump, are you? Do you have your daughter's your? Your daughter warned by that point, so yes, my daughter's like five or six. That's a pretty big. You've got a family now yards family. It's a big responsibility, but it was something I always wanted to be. I wanted to be in charge of group I thought that that was the next step. Because I'm one of those people that sets goals and you got is constantly. Move Up and this is. This is a group doing more revenue. Or upside salary rise and IT'S NEW YORK AND LA so. Big that was the the idea was I was overseeing both La and New York. That's a bad never understood that that's how you going back and forth going back and forth MGM Grand Baby, Oh my I remember you telling me the story that was the airline that the MGM casinos owned and was virtually like a were flying private, Florida the an opposite tournament on the other attornal terminal terminal on the other side of lax. So you drove your car up. It's like like fine private. You had like a little sweet cracks idea. They changed the by the time I started flying them. They had changed those planes to like regular. You know, but it was all China. You know four or five mule service to Newark rate just the way we kind of vision lines like these giant Barcalounger types chairs in a one time I flew back, and it was me Joan rivers and her dog. Other time it was me Annie Liebowitz. Oh my Gosh! The photographer and I said to my friend. I Goff. This plane goes down. They're going to name all the celebrities and say some Radio Guy. So. What station was it? New York WNYC FM which was the only country station at the time guy and w any. AM The heritage am radio station? So you have three or four radio stationary three that you're over what kind of revenue or these stations doing at that point well? Ideally would be about forty or forty five million. This was nineteen, ninety, ninety one. Okay, so we're coming out of the first recession. Sheriff also businesses tight, and my job is to resurrect obviously the sales in as well as make four matic changes, if if necessary or changed some programming, but and replace some people, but it's really bring in the revenue. How involved is norm on a day to day with you very much, so I reported the norm, so he was still he had the network at this point all rightly. Dividing his attention between the two right, well I wouldn't say dividing his attention, but.

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