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Legend online right now Kevin Pollock you ever did you have you have you have you hung with Rick Telander D. D. I. E. yeah yeah I had a moment of real brick I met Rick we came out to our roe Conn show broadcast before cubs Sox game I believe it was actually the U. I. Jimenez Homer game at Wrigley while the lights were rich came and talked a little baseball and then he was just done with with roll this past week use on with roads I don't know that what's up Rick Telander horribly yeah I'm good looking we do says alleged just means you're old that's all well you you're you're not old you're mature and you are a legend that's what I'm saying okay yeah I'll check that I like that mature right yeah can I start Richard Roeper was on the E. S. or day for the last half hour and I was talking with him about the last dance and first always to plug that Rick and rich have a podcast together it's sometimes that kind of dedicated very jealous is a last chance want to be a guest on it since you guys that covered it but which was telling me because I was talking about just the the overall branded how cool Jordan always looked on the court and all this post game interviews with the suits and and rich MRT blanking on there was a a clothing store that the ball at Jordan got his suits from Bigsby Crowther's is that that what it was I think I'm rich claim that that you might still have a suit from there from that area your closet is that accurate or was he Messin with Paul that's beyond accurate I'd not only have sued I've got I think I've got like six sport coats from there and it's all that you know find it Tallien silk thread you up he had looked good in the nineties that was the thing you know we were kind of like modern day spots if you will but yeah basically close the whole deal the Silverbird brothers I think they had a one point there like three or four big hitting corners and they have big billboards all over it was it was the coolest thing yet you know Jordan would look bad or whatever he's wearing even if he was wearing like a Broadway backwards some of those you know Nike things so he always look great so all the rest of it just follow the law listen before I go on I have to give a big shout out to my body Steve Chapman Lucy national columnist for the Tribune Chicago Tribune and great writer good guy and I talked to said in his I'm in a little while ago and he's listening I just I know you got your jammies and you know you're ready for that well that night yeah before you know tell me quit yeah I just I need to say that because I'm sorry I'm glad to do that Steve feel free to text in any stories you want to embarrass wreck about three one two nine eight one seven two hundred speaking of Rick Telander in the nineties KP I have my I feel like I I need to tell the story that my first ever recreational basketball team was at the Deerfield multiplex and they put you assign a team and I've got to play alongside the great Rick Telander who couldn't shoot at all but would actually knock you down and play some sort of defense and and I felt like I had to play hard because Rick was playing you you set the tone for a calendar yeah well you know what I can tell you carried the ball and it drove me crazy you have you started out your dislike young guns it has like the poem thank you Hey Bob Cousy all that immediately like you know me give the ball up but you did that so yeah yeah how many young guys you got a one year old you know not older you're turning in your devious and your band you love bigger and stronger than like the little we you know teenagers coming off beat the crap out of that's pretty much how it goes you know that I do I do if you were you you you're a competitor as you still are Rick and so I'm sure it could be it's something nowadays what what's that no no I feel guilty that I I missed the interview on Rochelle but I'm curious like what's been your biggest take away from the last dance so forget it I you've you've been all over the screen Rick Tyler it's kind of been fun to watch well you know listen the guy the director Jason hair came to Chicago I you know I don't even know how long ago that was I think was it at least two years ago in all honesty and so I don't you remember what I said at all so every time I come on I'm like you know dear god don't say something really stupid and he's been very good so far did corroborate things I'm saying that makes me look like a fool but you know this is definitely my biggest takeaways with the drama of that I'm really excited Richard well but I have decided not to look at any of the because what we all we have done because with you know with the press we could review them early but he looked at them but it was a while ago I did not look at all because I didn't want to understand a little bit but I want to see it the same way people viewers are seeing it in the queue up to so five five weeks in a row tempor up because each one is that the fifteen minutes and you know this is gonna build it well you know like get to answer the main question which is the one that I think everybody comes up with this why was this the end why was this the last step what happened what you know why is this possible you know do you have the best team in basketball and your likely going to win another championship why would you ever break up the team I don't but I think you know services correct me if I'm wrong but I don't I don't know I don't think it's unprecedented in the history of our major pro sports you do that I just can't imagine the team saying that John manager present anybody send that through like an NBA NFL team you guys win the Super Bowl it's out of here if you want it or not is the we're breaking up struggle over we are talking Armand I earlier about it and I was saying is is is the last dances they were premiering a couple weeks ago how in the world if you're not running this team in the mid nineties nineteen ninety seven you just want your fifth title you have the most popular famous athlete ever one of the most likable teams ever how are you not walking up to Michael Jordan Phil Jackson handing them the keys and saying do whatever the hell you want for as long as you want it's it's you guys ride it out I I just I just had to cut a question I was asking karma can maybe get a better perspective on it why was Jerry Krause so adamant about moving on from Phil Jackson like what am I missing with that relationship where it seems like he was a likable guy and got along with everybody but what what was the driving force for Jerry Krause to say no you can go eighty two and but we're done with filled as the coach good question yeah what no Kelly and mark that is the fundamental question why and you really can't answer it simply because he really has to do with personalities and has your needs that has to do with psychology it has to do with the credit it has to do with why huge amount to do with pride and flawed human flaws and that's what we're gonna be ten episodes to actually explain all that it is you know what part of the thing one thing that I don't think well maybe it is covered in this but I kind of was thinking about the other day I believe that Chicago in general and Jerry Krause and Jerry Reinsdorf and maybe even some of the bulls maybe even so Jackson turned except they got tired with all the championship the English like championship with T. all told if you could talk Joe Neel who was the ticket Baghdad that may be the busiest most important gotten Chicago during those those years because it made the planet wanted tickets to the bulls game every celebrity every movie star the rock and roll star every everybody had you know every dignitary they all wanted tickets Mister Joe dealt with all of that if he felt he said yeah I'm not sure I agree with this complete but he scored that everybody's kind of ready to move on they couldn't take anymore there was so much tension so much fatigue there were so many T. V. cameras there were journalists from I mean from France from Germany from Japan from China from Australia they were Croatia because Tony to such a work they did the locker room was not a lot to lose more like a a kind of on the move I don't know TV studio it was just crazy the players were not playing the game I think Dennis Rodman says the last episode you can I play the game for free I get paid for all this other crap I got to go to Iraq you know this to be for social media and all that it was very difficult I don't know if I agree with that because a good I mean I kind of do but it's a great site office Walmart Jerry Reinsdorf who's got this kind of almost passive aggressive I hired these people to let them do their job where he could have solved that they was got a tip and just save Jerry Krause pay that guy to Christ's sake this is one in a million players right now you have to pay anybody else knowing that he's going to say Hey you renegotiated contract with Scotty Pippen I deserve one too no nobody's gonna say that only got better than it was Michael Jordan so in Jordan's way underpaid didn't complain about it partly because he's making like fifty million dollars a year up to court from you know jump man good night you all the rest of the darkness Haynes I mean I can remember all the darkness yeah big time was when Donald that savvy he was yes yep yep he was America no I well I I I just wanna listen you're there you'll watch it all the stuff you know I just had to be down there at the United center and traveling around but you're in Chicago watching all this stuff and you don't need did you get a sense that people here got kind of casual use Google winning up to six one five two five thousand would be the six and eight years that they were like you know yeah it's interesting let's rebuild not not thinking as always so I gotta tell you just because I've been around this business long at that point you have a genius in the upper class three event though you have to Vinci you know you got he maybe where it may have course you got Michael Jordan in the house you do whatever is needed yeah I said well you know if we if we listen to it Jerry would say very fast we listen to Michael Jordan we have bugs buzz Peterson on the TV you know small you know average white guards in North Carolina yeah my my response always was if he was on the team with Jordan they were the one chance the the out that part always bother me like ugly found Steve Curley yes okay Steve Kerr was found by the Cleveland Cavaliers you'd still be the twelfth guy there and you never heard of them Jordan made all these guys look great and you made you made your email Jerry Krause look right you wrote Phil Phil you Rick teller you wrote a little bit about help but but a ton about Jerry Krause and I was I don't know scrolling through the internet the other day and I come across this article from nineteen ninety three it was in this sports illustrated wall despite the sleuth and it is I was I was texting you everything is stood the test of time it lays it all out so I'm just curious what was your relationship like with Jerry has got a lot of quotes with them in here I'm curious like what was what was it like for you to deal with them were you friends were you ever Sir is that what was that well you know I was on the I'm still writing for Sports Illustrated right about the bulls and then in ninety five I came through the sometimes is a columnist for the ninety three has focused more posted it and I read about Jordan at J. cross course knew who I was because I was on the sports channels on TV with you know you guys read the little Gleason bill Giles Ben Bradlee show more show even about Mike Molly goes on towards the end and great show off the mountain you know so I knew about that and he knew who I was use the Chicago driver's identity cargo for ever and ever and also we were talking you know you say you're out in fact cannot imitate your company if you ever hear anything I'll.

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