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Kitsap Peninsula as well Tacoma Gig Harbor and well downtown now with the light drizzle otherwise cloudy skies we're showing 69 deputies in Kitsap County are looking into what they call a suspicious death in Silverdale a little before seven o 'clock last night family members found a person injured inside a house at North and Kensington Lane it's just east of Central Kitsap High School the family members called 911 and when Central Kitsap fire and rescue got there they say that person had died detectives from the Bremerton Police Department are helping with the investigation and that's coma forest Kelly Koopmans the man arrested for the for fatal shooting of a teenager in Everett on Friday morning now held on five million dollars his bail he made his first appearance in Snohomish County Superior Court yesterday afternoon court district commissioner Jennifer Millet there saying is a likely danger that you will commit a violent crime that you will seek to committee or witnesses otherwise interfere Everett police arrested the 20 year old on Saturday court documents the say shooting the is the result of a gang rivalry they also say the accused shooter and the victim were known members of rival gangs an off -duty correctional officer was trying to slow traffic in front of his home to allow a to deer cross that's when a driver shot him to death that happened in Snohomish County and Northwest News Radio's Corwin Hake has more. 22 year old Dylan Picard is now in custody accused of shooting Dan Spieth in the chest. Spieth was an officer at Monroe Correctional Complex at the time he and his wife were in their driveway near Snohomish trying to get traffic on South Machias Road to slow down. they were just trying to get a deer from outside the roadway. A Snohomish County prosecutor spoke at Picard's arraignment he says Picard shot Spieth and fled. Witnesses identified the shooter's car and a day later police arrested Picard. He faces a second -degree murder charge. The effort Herald reports Picard told police he got scared when he saw Spieth bang on the Jeep ahead of him to get that Jeep to slow down. Picard told police he grabbed his gun and fired a shot to scare Spieth and his wife. Police tell the Herald when arresting officers informed Picard Spieth had died the

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