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News now with Make a in Washington, D C. Well body. I could tell you what House Democrats are suing the president over they want to compel former White House counsel Don began to testify in their investigations of President Trump. And as you mentioned, a federal appeals court in Washington has just ruled Congress does have the right to pursue such a lawsuit. A full U. S. Court of Appeals in Washington overturned. A three judge panel is ruling that the House Judiciary Committee could not pursue its case in court. The judge has left other legal issues unresolved, with time growing short in the current Congress. White House is feeling good about the latest employment numbers one and 3/4 1,000,000 jobs added to the payrolls and the unemployment rate down to 10.2%. Bloomberg's Irv Chapman reports from Washington. Recovery, a self sustaining and will continue, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said in a Bloomberg interview. The unemployment rate will move to single digits easily in the summer and fall. Inventory is air falling car sales are surging. That tells you this is a self sustaining recovery. We want to keep it that way, though, said the White House is drafting executive orders to carry out the president's offers for limited spending to boost the economy further. In Washington, Irv Chapman Bloomberg Radio. Brent Scowcroft has died the only man to serve as national security advisor to two presidents Gerald Ford and George H. W. Bush died yesterday at his home in Falls Church, Virginia outside Washington. He was 95 years old. Round two of the PGA Championship has Hao Tung Li, now joining around one leader's Jason Day, and Brendon Todd. At five under Live coverage begins at 4 p.m. Wall Street time on Bloomberg Radio Global News on aired on Bloomberg Quick take powered by more than 2700 journalists and analyst in more than 120 countries. Breaking news. We could end up with several vaccines. Market details. The era of free news for Facebook and Google may soon be over interviews with financial and policy leaders, officials at the White House air speaking out in the pandemic buffet gave away almost $3 billion. Bloomberg Daybreak with air in Moscow and Nathan Hager traders are doubtful threat will materialize weekday mornings at five Eastern on Bloomberg Radio. The Bloomberg business happened. Bloomberg radio dot com. Limbered. The world is listening right now, Doctors Without borders. Medical teams are operating.

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