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Carreira today is Thursday September. Twenty Fourth Two thousand twenty here's what's happening with your San Francisco Forty niners. The niners returned to practice yesterday for the first time since the disaster that was the jets game on Sunday nothing too surprising to report on the injury front today Jimmy G. D. Four, Kevin Coleman and Rahim mustard all missed practice dre greenlaw and George. kitto were limited and Jason. VERITA was full go for the first time since week one because of all the injuries. At the running back spot. Jerick McKinnon will likely make his first start as a forty niner since signing his four year thirty million dollar deal in two thousand eighteen kyle. Shanahan. How confident are you that Jerick McKinnon can handle that workload with his injury history? I'm very confident he he's done a great job and all the recipes gone in these two weeks every time he's gone opportunities came through for us. Obviously, those two guys being outed should get more opportunities this weekend he deserves it. I know he's excited for and we're excited seem in case you're wondering McKinnon hasn't rushed for one hundred yards in a game since two thousand fourteen but he also has that twenty carries in a game just once it is entire career. Ni- mentioned that Jimmy Garoppolo is not practicing that sets the stage for Nick Mullins to take the reins at quarterback Trent. William. Says, mullins has been all business this week lockdown. Mom you can tell that they get out of quarterback install meaner you Sam going over the game plan have maybe have script she is just like he has a ton of video see anybody on walk past the time. You. Know see him going over in his head. Don't even notice me don't even speak. Is Kinda. The same thing I used to see who kirk cousins a long time ago on countless Munir same mind frame when I see him how serious he takes game. As an offense. Lami love to see it. Oh Trent I was with you right up until the end. Hopefully he plays better than kirk cousins. He's been terrible this year. Mullins hasn't started since twenty eighteen when he got the nod for eight games and he threw thirteen touchdowns, ten interceptions and two hundred and eighty four yards per game. Regardless, of WHO's under center the field underfoot has certainly been a big topic of conversation this week the NFL has said things are all good but that won't exactly put the players minds at ease Bolanos tell you the week we're not gonNA think about it now go across in mind but when you got a three hundred pound, I'm in front of you as trying to please you back I think deserve is kind of falls to on the back burner and. I think for me. That's what it's GonNa be I'd hate to see what happened if anybody else goes down on Sunday but at this point who's left to get hurt We always give you something to read something to watch and something you might have missed something to read on this Thursday is Matt Barrow Story in the Athletic about former forty niners tight and Greg Clark who back in the day suffered an injury similar to what tyrod Taylor of the chargers is going through. Now, a team doctor accidentally punctured a lung while. Giving a painkilling injection in the ribs now unlike Taylor Clark actually played the entire game after that. But what happened after the game is even crazier go check it out something to watch. Okay. This isn't exactly forty niners related, but I did see it because Jennifer Lee Chen of NBC Sports, Bay area posted a video of it on twitter thirty-three-year-old Maya Gabeira. A seventy three and a half foot wave. It is the biggest wave surfed by anyone during the twenty, nine, thousand, nine, hundred, twenty, winter season, and the video of it is awesome. something. You may have missed the forty nine or spent the week at the greenbrier resort in West Virginia. To avoid the cross country flights between Games at METLIFE stadium. The resort is located in White Sulphur Springs which apparently was known for its healing waters about two hundred years ago. Shanahan what do you think about that? When did not know that about the the healing powers of the water so I'll stop with a bottle of water and get right to that for players and could use are. Now that's going to do it for this edition of stats and eggs stay tuned for the gold standard. Parkas where Levin, black and I talked with former forty niners quarterback j t O'Sullivan, he tells us what's up with Jimmy G., what he can do going forward and how amazed the is that former teammate Frank Gore is still playing in the national football league. I'm rob that's Guerrero we'll talk tomorrow..

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