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Just also failed to get people interested in in your promotion. What i find interesting is anthony. Pedestals run over at pf. L. is probably similar to what happened. When delatour brought over benson henderson. I think they were just expecting more. They didn't get it. And i don't really understand that because both guys have been champs before. Both guys are well rounded no matter where the fight goes but something about leaving the ufc. In going somewhere. I don't know if they may be just didn't take it as serious or what or if it's a mental block or or what it is but Both guys performed in similar fashion really weird. I will give anthony pedestals. That klay collared look really well in his. I thought he did but But even then the benson henderson similar. What you said about josie all your champ. You're playing chess game. And you're basically saying. Beat me brooke to these three men and women around this cage that you are winning. Ten nine benson anderson was really good at that. I think he wanted having retitled defenses overall in the sea coast ones. Remember those split decisions along the way remember. There was one against gail melendez. But that's that's interesting. Because i think that that talk explain benson anderson. Is he just fights at such a slow output because he's good at winning rounds ten nine and the resume speaks for himself whatever he does a belt or just adds to it. But you know you lose a couple of times like fuck. This isn't me. I'm better than these guys. And that's why you still a little bit more urgency. I don't think going up to welterweight any good. He got smashed up welterweight. At least i remember one These didn't didn't belong in their man-size blood. Then when you see him fight with urgency. he's got some really really nice skills he doesn't look like he ever gets out of shape. So i don't know if it's motivation. I don't know if you know in a to camp. That's about nine weeks. Eight nine weeks to work out per day for six times a week. That's twelve times. They will say ninety six. I dunno of the ninety six. You're supposed to do do you blow off. Maybe the get you start the bof twenty of those whereas the young hungry lion not only did two a day three day and he's coming after you he wants you. Have you know what i mean. He looks up paid. You're going to get paid two hundred just a show. And he's on forty and forty so for sure he won't to get that other forty but he wants to get to where you were at. You know it could be that. I don't know but with pettus. Caller just had really nice hands form with with benson. He's just a slow starter in another guy that hasn't done as well either although he's fighting. Okay is Eddie alvarez down one championship enjoying their rights. I am but i think a lot of it. Just has to be Physically they can't do what they once did at that pace you know now agree with So it's interesting folks tomorrow night. We do have tor npfl. I said i'd go bell. Or i we got sidetracked a little bit on this discussion. Gay guard masasi defenses. Middleweight title against john. Salter will guys finishers sausage finished thirty eight out of forty seven or seventeen out of eighteen. So there's no or you know disrespected. The volume will be down on them. If they go to saint. Thomas cooper Mcdonald the truth is you can. Dvr right but if you wanna watch live and you can only one of them. I think i would do the other one i think. I think my reasoning was because cooper's just such a stocker for that ko that. I don't wanna miss it. It's nothing to do with mario. Renaldo verses Sean o'connell or their call the fight or ring card girls. It's just how i feel about it. I think cooper is gonna have macdonalds also firing back in. i don't think donald is going to be more interesting in. It's weird because of the whore. I probably have enjoyed move. Sausage fights the longest and the most. So it's weird. You got finishers here and you gotta fight that. I enjoy the most but the matchup in mcdonald made it more interesting. A little bit through our interviews in a little bit just to seeing how they're acting towards each other now the the main when it comes down to the main event i just think mcdonald end Cooper have more fireworks on the line. Lucienne saulters just kinda like. He grabbed two fighters through together. There's not really much to that fight. I don't know that it's going to be a great fight as where the other one has potential to be a great fight. Let's say right now. You were to look at twitter. And both sean o'connell All said hey. We're both listening in right now and we heard you bring our names up. Who do you who who's called you prefer if it's just blow down to us and not not the fighters themselves omar or did say no disrespect to you on that eight. Haven't been doing it very long and being run could make to grasshoppers fight and you would make it entertaining the guys just on point.

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