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Who was involved in this episode if the algiers motel which in w which was just this heartbreaking miscarriage and misunderstanding and and you had terroristic moment where these detroit cops all of them white took these black teenagers in two young black were a white women pretty much hostage for a few hours in sudan and trying to get to the bottom of a gunshot that they had heard at length readers will ended up dead it was a tragedy the police seemed to be enraged by finding the white exactly the blood yet i thought that was a big part of the animus and but he but there was an african american security guard who was also there who came with the police because he was he wanted to be on the side of law and order and um and so he's kind of this mostly silent observer through this thing and boyega just i thought delivered a fantastic performance even though it was largely quiet but you can he he expresses so very much and then there's a there's a a musician named larry reid who again is also a a real life guy who's story we really do follow kind of in the aftermath which was is just a very moving is just an a very moving movie and and just make you know it reminded me of dunkirk we have these two big movies about big historical events that the filmmakers really approach almost experimentally you know i mean they're not doing kind of a straight linear narrative really foreign yeah and and they're just i just think they're both magnificent and i'm just.

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