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Together. Maybe before the season starts before show season starts and just had a quick little guys. Here's the base. Doctor does like to what I try to do. My teams is basically talked to people about like how to do certain things in depending on how much time we have. I liked the teach them. We don't have much time. I just do it myself because I'm really fast with so it's like noticed that a deficiency. Both in US and Europe with just people being really verse with all different types of hair. And it's it's a bit alarming to models have been over for years. Nobody's been talking about it. I've been on shows as an assistant where I have a line of girls waiting for me. And they won't want anyone because they just tired of getting the burn or fucked or. Sorry. I'm cursing, literally like the girls would be like, you know, getting taken off of shows because people don't know how to handle it counted because they have talent. And they don't have the people to happen before. I had I've had I wasn't the Boston charge. But I've been on a set where they sent the model home not because she wasn't gorgeous. And brought in her game because the hairstyles. Couldn't do it is. So so bad that is so sad. But at least there's there's been some movement that like the women cast in fashion shoes are starting to be more. And you had noticed Jesse said to me like it used to be like, okay? Here's the look like say, it's Michael Kors and every girl has straightened hair with like each way. Okay. Yeah. But lately, we've been seeing a lot of designers, especially the younger ones are like. Oh, no. That makeup can all be sort of like, a look, but hey, be different. I love. That too. I've noticed it. And I'm noticed a lot of corn rose this on the runways season. Gives them all racist. No. Yeah. 'cause member that marks teacups. You Yeah. just I just said. think. Yeah. Long notice. I was talking to a friend of mine a thousand won't mention name. Did you see? On all the runways like the answer to like black hair was corn rows like it wasn't. It wasn't. It'll make. However, I think it's I think it's a beautiful thing. And I think it's amazing. You saying what I hear you saying is will they wanted to tame the texture and that was the way to do it. I think that no it's looked at as Sheikh way of say back. Oh, a sneaky sneaky sneaky. If you need some of this show that I've done I've done corn rows and stuff like that. And I think always look beautiful by realized that now it's becoming the trend for is it the new tweet only black here. I did see a lot of did see a lot of different ethnic multiple different models with different ethnicities with corn rose as well. Not a white gall. Did you go with what does I dare to stick there? Yeah. I would be terrified designer. If I were white designer, I'm not I'm not saying how I feel about or anything go there. But if I were a white designer in today's climate seeing what Mark Jacobs with Marc Jacobs. I wouldn't dare I wouldn't dare. Yeah. I would be too afraid. I gotta look at what show. This was. If you remember tell us..

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