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Wanna bang on drum all day. Thank you. Todd Rundgren nominated in the rock and Roll Hall of fame class this year along with Janice Jackson and Janet Jackson. And I don't know who else is on that list elephant junk out at you, Radiohead, Radiohead and. You have the sheet now. Me about this was so there's Todd Rundgren. Oh, this is so much fun. I'm cranking. All this Todd Rundgren music today. Todd just turns seventy oh my God. Would it kill him to be fifty nine? He's seventy Todd Rundgren is seventy years old America. Well, that was a really catchy song. I hadn't heard of before this. So you haven't heard it just randomly. I have a few of play one more play clip from one more the Todd Rundgren songs. These are some of his big hits. They are are banging on a drum all day. What have you got go? Todd Rundgren is in the class.

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