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Trouble. Don't help Plant your feet firmly. Hello, boy. There's the golf. Roderick hasn't walked up to the team said Hello, ball left at the home. Run, man. Go, do you Do you know that? The woman who played Trixie Ralphs wife as, um Ed's wife. Sorry is still live. Joyce Randolph. She's 95 years old. Yes, 90 feel listening to the show or what she was getting Man WR? Yes. So just to summarize my three top characters so far are a bigot and attorney and a guy works to the sword as some people would say, That's all the same thing, but three different characters. All right, Joe, Michael. All right, let's see if this one this is muster with you, Joe. Okay. All right, hit the theme song Lynn. I'm sorry. Peter Falk, Columbo. Alright, alright. I thought you'd be a western that we go with my dancer Joe. What do you mean? All right? Peter Falk. Columbo was one of the great characters of all time. And I also picked but that's all you got. No, no, no, no, no. You got no fucking wait, Wait, wait. You're getting adult. You're getting a two for one here, Okay? Because everyone knew I was gonna pick Columbo, but I'm all I've also picked my favorite Columbo. Murderer of all time. All right now, this guy he played a murderer of three times in Colombo and the scene you're going to hear. Now he plays a magician. Kills the owner of the nightclub. See if you can guess who this actor is. We're stumped with the motive. Do you have a suspect? Yes, you do way do But we don't have a motive for you..

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