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Go right those are all You know those are all things that can be sorted out the board room. I wouldn't claim to have the answers to those questions. Some knows figure that out. The point obviously tongue in cheek being like yeah. It's hard to differentiate these things and I think. That's I don't know if it's the biproduct necessarily like the Fedex Cup stuff where like every event feels like you know has to have equal weight in every event needs to be treated the same but it's it's tough when in there so obviously not from an entertainment standpoint. You know what I mean like when when the interest level is so much less and maybe it's I don't know I mean we. We haven't seen ratings. I can't imagine they're great but we'll hold off maybe until we do but You know what I mean like I. It's just it's a predicament that seems like it has to we solved but then now with like the reports on TV contract like maybe it does kind of like the way the World Yeah Randy. I was surprised that this was one of the weeks you've You volunteered to come. Do a weekly wrap podcasts. Well you know what this this week. Always held Certain regard for me because it's traditionally been Mickelson's season debut Byu each year on The PGA tour As it was once again yeah exactly so in my earlier years and still this year that was was always a reason to tune in. Obviously he didn't play well this week. But how many times have we seen fill you know not play well at this event and just go on a tear in Saudi Arabia for sure for sure which he did claim. He's about to do which I would've probably use a different word for getting ready to go to the Arabia than than tear but the You're a big month for death-squad leaders. That's God I didn't. They all kind of put their hair up real tough decision I I feel like thank you. I know I know I feel like he's got a face heat. I WANNA I WANNA. I'm curious areas how he would really respond to some tough questioning Well his tweets about it were concerning. I think that was. You'll be you'll be okay. Okay Oh God. I forgot all about that. He was going back and it must have been like ripped on red wine or something. Who's going back and forth With a bunch of people who were criticizing or editor twitter journalists and just basically like patting them on the head. Like you need to stop worrying about this. This little old thing like this is going to be totally. Fine fills fills go. Ah like which works when it's like. Hey Phil you shouldn't have to drivers in the bag. It's Kinda cheeky. When he's like? Oh come on relax everybody chill. Hey you shouldn't be sporting like that you know regime that killed a quote record number of dissidents last year. His quote was after turning on opportunities to go to the Middle East for many years. I'm excited to go to go play and see a place in the world. I've never been which listen if you break that down. That's better that's better than grow the game in the kingdom which assured. Yeah I never a golf in the kingdom about. It's exactly it's exactly what I understand. Those who are upset or disappointed. You'll be okay. I'm excited experiences. For the first first time. And then he told to pair to respond to European Golf writer you and Murray. He said he said quote Kevin. Hart you do I'm going to do me which listen I. That's his prerogatives I. It's not good. It's just not a good look. It's all about the money I mean. I think we can probably agree on that. So it's yeah it's disappointing. He's also moving to joop which also to pierce probably all about the money. Yeah Yeah Yeah that that's A. I wouldn't think that I would have any semblance of caring where these guys live. but there's something like he's only appeal to the the whole Phil Ethos. Yeah Man. Yeah it doesn't make any sense for him to still live in California and he doesn't does it anyways because he loves it there apparently and to like hang that up sucks. I don't know what it feels like. It feels like taking l.. Does he is are all of his kids not to being called. How how old's youngest kid is that? Why why he would seem so? Yeah that was part of the House and that front. I guess it's cool that they waited 'til like kids high school and didn't move them and stuff but I I think though we can say the at least from some things we've heard like the the money situation for Tiger and Phil you would think would be just like everything is they've so much don't not even know to do with but they both have expensive habits so I think that there is still a lot of incentive for them appetite appetites A lot of incentive for them to make a lot of money I think is the most Safeway I can phrase any of that. I think that's right. I mean it's like why wouldn't you. I think I think Phil's going through kind of feels like he's been in this prolonged almost midlife crisis adjacent. Yeah stage at Diet. I'm I'm not sure if it's like that or you know if he's just kind of bored with like he's been golfing and kind of doing the same thing for our our many years now and this isn't saying it but like also might be gone it might be the game might be gone like if you look at his game. Yeah you're like yeah he's fifty right now and it's he might. He might not be adjusting. Well to that reality of thrums. I like it might make it. Okay Well Game Kinda gone. I might go take whatever two million bucks to go play in Saudi Arabia like. WHY WOULDN'T I? He's going to be here forever so I I would. Circle is all back though I would respect him or anybody else being like. Yeah it's about money it's grow the game. Yeah they're doing some awesome things over there era like the roster people like the roster people who are going to play Saudi Arabia like Americans anyways kind of speaks louder than anything thing. I think we're going to say right right. It's like who Phil Brooks Bryson. Read like who else is. Is there anybody else on the list. I tre coutries going over. I tried to get super work out. I don't think it's just like it. Yeah it is what makes it. I think some people come kind of Passover it pretty easily as like okay like what are we supposed to do like other countries are bad like like literally the country like the regime that puts the tournament on. So it's different than just like going to. I don't know what the compares like the Turkish Airlines Open I think is different than like the Saudi event in that Turkish Airlines is sponsoring sponsoring the event. The act like Softbank is now sponsoring. But it's weird event is actually funded. I believe out into your your point. It's like these guys the fills in the brooks who maybe don't need that paycheck and I get it. There are other countries that have have their own problems. But it's like yeah. Where's the line for these guys like like we're would they draw the line It's not here which is a little concerning couple people. I don't WanNa leave about who are choosing to go play this Brooks Dustin Johnson. Patrick read Tony Pheno Kinda surprising but maybe money on Shane. Lowery Henrik Stinson. Sergio Garcia Honest Abe. Sergio going back as an upset. Honestly after what happened is quote this week about about how you know. That wasn't a true reflection of him and he's willing to to. He's ready to show the true Sergio how he's what returns the Gulf in Saudi Arabia. which is like if you break that assets down into two parts like I'm ready to show that the true Sergio sick when I returned to Saudi Arabia? All right well. Yeah No. Maybe you are showing the the true guy like Martin Primer Lee Westwood. That's what I've talked to a couple of European tour players disappointing names. But it's like. Hey if gave you got into like Saudi Arabia. Would you go yeah I it doesn't even register for more and I think that's different than well. That's what I was GONNA say. I don't want to give top American. Can someone like an easy out. But if yeah if you're a European tour player who's like looking for you know you need race to Dubai points and you're trying to keep your card. You're trying to do all these things like that. Makes it a little bit more of a conversation than like no. I don't even fucking play on this tour man scum in for some cash like that not hashtag knock it no anything else from From American Express we got a lot of other events to to touch on. I don't watch a ton of other. The only other thing I we kind of alluded to it. We didn't really dig deeper into it but like so if this event is not good What needs to change? Does anything need to change. Delete says is. Do you have any ideas and I say that I say that not having any idea. Why have ideas but like everyone would be a caveat of like well? They wouldn't do that they wouldn't do that. Wouldn't do that They wouldn't do that. Well I mean how many great golf courses are there on the west coast. Yeah I mean like keeping an impulse brings you have any Not really because I the I think our default answer for awhile was like Oh it should be a team. Event should be whatever I'm like. Yeah I haven't candidly having watched the last two years right So so I don't really think it's that and the pro-am stuff like I. I don't really have a good feel for what this tournament was like. I mean I'm sure when it was the Bob Hope back a million years ago probably had raised the Diet Diet Diet Bob. Hope exactly so whatever feels outdated right like because I think he used to have I mean. I don't know all the cool celebrities used to golf connotes death-squad not even have it. It's just like like you'll see it. A pebble in a couple a couple of weeks when they trot out like for every Justin timberlake that plays once every three years which was forty two now like for every one of him. There's don't don't you dare dip thirty five or era Gary Mule deer and like the plenty melding from saved by the bell or something. And it's just all these like Chris. Berman Yeah Yeah. It's all these all these celebrities that just it snow fall to their own. Like I would play for sure if I was but you know what makes aches. That format cool is when you WANNA watch the people rather than came in. You're just really just getting in the way and Yeah I don't know the pro-am format is not really trending at him no positive or it doesn't suit the TV audience. which unless they did this earlier in the week which they've Kinda like super gone away from that at this tournament at least the last few years I mean lead into it? But maybe that's where they make all the money for I'd have to look at the receipts on that for how why. That's I'm sure there's a very good reason why they do it. It just is not great for fans but last thing I will say American Express in Randy goaded me into it by like we got tagged by a bunch of people with the Cavenaugh Russell Knox Bunker shot on the sixteenth hole Now Leaves Ball right next to the whole Russell. Knox hits a shot. I didn't even in here the audio. I'M NOT GONNA say anything I'm not I'm not doing backstopping in I'm not going to do it. The log the audio were Kevin a yells get my ball as Knox policy by it and I was.

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