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With w T o p national security Correspondent J. J. Green High J. J. Hillary, the State Department is now confirming that the rewards for justice program is reaching out to people in multiple languages. Using text and other communications methods around the world. They're offering up to $10 million for details about the identity or location of any person who, at the direction of a foreign government interferes with US elections by engaging in criminal cyber activities. Some of those who've received those messages have expressed concern thing. They might be targeted by their own government as spies and could face persecution or worse. J. J. How exactly does this outreach work and how many people have they reached out to? Interestingly, the State Department won't say how many people they've reached out to They say they want to reach as many people as they can on people who have information that they can use actionable information that they can use to track down these people. They know that Russia they know that Iran they know their folks in China and beyond are engaging in activities that are designed that are designed to throw the US election off or to interfere with the election. They won't say who they're going after and how many people they just say it's a global effort, and there are ways that People that are interested in helping can confirm and verify that they are working with the U. S. Government. Hillary. Thanks so much J J That's w T o p national security correspondent J. J Green 3 43 CBS News Update. A special flight carrying evacuees to India, who had been stranded abroad because of the current virus, skidded off a runway and split in two while landing.

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