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I'm Rebecca, Missouri. Our next report at ten twenty one on ten ten wins. And now the AccuWeather four day forecast. Sponsored by Bethpage Federal Credit Union. Here's meteorologist Carl Erickson. All right, Donna, well, temperatures are. Many quite mild through tonight as we'll hover around the mid and upper sixties s sixty three but not changing all that much through the night while pockets of drizzle and fog as up it'll spill over into early Sunday morning and a bit bar, brighter sky is going into the Appalachian. With temperatures soaring to a high near eighty remaining quite mild through Sunday night, perhaps a spotty shower loose sixty six and not much in the way of rainfall even into Monday, just areas of drizzle throughout the morning. Otherwise, mostly cloudy, high seventy one Rebecca into the upper seventies on Tuesday right now. It's sixty seven cloudy skies. Humidity ninety percent wind south at three miles per hour, repeating the current temperature sixty seven going down to sixty three in mid town. I'm AccuWeather meteorologist Carl Ericson, New York's weather station, ten ten wins. News time ten thirteen. Progressive presents get pumped inspiration to help you do insurance stuff out. He's gonna let your budget be the boss of you take control with progressive name your price tool. Tell us what you wanna pay for car insurance. And we'll help you find options that fit your budget. Here's the music to get you pooped down. I hear your budget laughing at you. Oh, wait. That's just those kids laughing at me. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Pricing coverage match limited by state law. Connect with the experts at investors Bank with strong relationships and customized solutions, they're here to help businesses in New York and New Jersey move forward. Investors Bank banking in your best interest member FDIC Enke's holding onto lead ten ten wins. Sports in one minute wins. News time ten fourteen. Beauties new all in one hair color kit. Make it easy to color your year at home, get everything you need to color putatively, radiant results. Loved by professionals. Open to everyone Sally beauty. Whether it's our hearts lungs or other organs, the were diagnosis tends to make us uneasy at Kaiser Permanente our specialists care for you and about you working together, creating a treatment plan specific to your diagnosis and total health so from primary to specialty care. Find reassurance in a great team of healthcare professionals committed to your healthy recovery. Visit KP dot org slash specialty care to learn more. Transition to the mainland estates, inC, twenty one St..

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