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Deal. Dad's seatgeek dot com promo code first class fatherhood is the best seat in the house so and this this circles back to something and that was what we've been talking about man is that i don't think that there is a moral component to mainstream entertainment today. I don't think you'd be hard pressed to find a book of fiction book that you can give your kids. They can pick up and read and you put so you. You'd feel comfortable with you know the this book is teaching my kids. You know value system that will help them be successful generous and selfless in life. You know i i i don't think i don't think that there's much out there right now. And the terms of fictional books <hes> that you can give your kids and feel comfortable if they'll do that <hes> and so i know oh. Did you know i know my books will do that. I mean i've made it a mission of mine and make sure to die. Systems are embodied by the hero <hes> but at the same time they're i think they're cool. Cool stories man. I think they're cool. Fun stories you know and so <hes> you know hey. That's the groom right. That's that's the goal is to try to get the these books into the hands of the next generation. I try to influence them to <hes> you know make the right decisions and be better than we were right and i'll tell you what i think. We see the impact in our society from this. We've just seen seen over the summer here. <hes> baltimore came into the news and everyone was trying to point the finger out why baltimore's doing so bad why some of these cities and they talk about the politics the economy all all this stuff they don't mention the the fact that in baltimore alone this seventy percent of the teenagers there have no father in their life and we're where we see this fatherless problem. We're seeing all the crime seeing the teenage pregnancies the drug use it's running rampant as the fatherless percentage goes up soda all those other things and what what really really bothers me about this is is our leadership's failure to identify that as a problem you know <hes> our leaders on both sides of the aisle. <hes> have really really haven't tackled you know. Fatherless families are really even having identified the problem but you're absolutely right. That's you know there is a direct direct correlation between crime drug use in fatherless families. The the importance of the role of the father in a family cannot be understated you know and you're seeing the fallout of father families in places like baltimore as you said that would bothers me again. Is that our politicians. Don't tackle it because it's a very complex problem the deal with yeah. I think there's a rue the way to change. This stuff is just like you're saying to have more of an influential dominance in stories in books chen in movies and in the media about celebrating the father character in the household. The character's role in this society drives me crazy. Look what pick out any sitcoms sitcom that you want to make any sitcom that you see. The father almost always be some bumbling idiot who's uninvolved right monday. Type yeah the yes yes. Yes yes great. Well said exactly that's a perfect example of what i'm talking about and it bothers me because it makes the father's role in the family seem unimportant shortened and and the truth of the matter is the exact opposite is true. <hes> you know truthfully. The father's role is important but also the father's role in conjunction with the mom is also important so happy showing showing an uninvolved father though is something that really bothers me because you you almost never see you almost never see a mom portrayed in mainstream entertainment as an album monday type. You almost never do right <hes> and so this is why i appreciate appreciate so much of what you're doing because you know it's it's it's about elevating the role as a father. It's about showing how important fathers kids and and in terms of being a good husband means father. It's it's it's really really really important. Say on the flip side of that to sean is not only. Are we not seeing that. The father portrayed traded a strong character..

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