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The NFL is just so greedy. And I need that with all due respect that I just can't imagine them letting go a full seats and I think it will be modified in some way but I do think we will have a season and there will be like a super bowl champion in twenty twenty one again. I love how much we we talk about this a lot. How much you love sports. And how how big a part of your life it is. Is it the same way for you that you know when we're so focused on the business as it were doing stand up trying to write TV shows and all that stuff that sports provides for you this escape where you can just turn off for like a few hours? Just not even think about that stuff. Oh one hundred percent. I think imus get frustrated living in La that. I don't have more friends who are as insane as I am. Here you go to. I mean that's like it's like I'm constantly like screaming about things but it is really nice. My husband obviously cares a lot. I also find works to be a really Nice escape from the terrors of the world. I like whoever? Has the most points wins. That's just what it is and whether you hate them or not like there isn't any no one really ever gets a fast one hold on them. It's just a most playing the Astros Nicer Master. But that's why people were so mad about that has there. There is order in sports unlike politics. You're like well. That guy lost the popular vote. But now he's our president or these people doing this thing and it's keeping these people from getting a Meghan Meghan. You're right. There's this notion that like people won't concede elections anymore. They're like no even when you lose your like now I WANNA recount. And it's like nope the game. You lost by seven points in this basketball game. Walk-off shake everybody's hand and walk off the court and try and get on that I mean it happens. Even in a word shows the things that win all the movies actors. Who can we see the stats on this? Because that seems crazy to me like you watch it you know when things are stop when the saints get screwed. It's like okay. Well they got screwed. But this score is the score and now it's over and I do love that simple and classic to me that I cling to rib same. They've gotTa love. It will so much so that you are doing a sports podcast yourself. Please let our listeners know so that they can jump on that train. What it is what you I'm your host it with my husband. Cj Toledano and we are huge sports fans he works for House of highlights. Currently we've both worked for the NFL and the greatest. I know that's like a very intense name to have her podcast. That has nine episodes sickly we go back and we we have a guest on and we look at we've done greatest coaches of all time greatest WNBA WNBA players of all time. Greatest sneakers of all time. So it's kind of a really great one for right now because we're talking about everything that's in the sports time capsule and lexicon and we really don't need anything to be happening because we're we're looking back to the past. That's so I love that idea. I love that idea so I was watching on. Nba TV hardwood classics. The other night. Because I like I need to see sports and they were showing the Lebron. Mcdonald's all American game with Chris Paul and it and it was just so great to hear what people were saying about him and projecting his future at that point and they were saying he's going to be the next Magic Johnson or he's going to be most same as Johnson then. Last night I watched the Michael Jordan Bulls Bulls cavs Michael Jordan. Sixty nine point game and I was trying to watch Michael in the context of Lebron. 'cause we hear the debate but it's been awhile since. I've watched a full start to finish not edited down full every single play game of Michael Jordan. I watched Jordan play against the cavs. And yes you know. Craigie low would be like the ninth guy off the off the bench on any NBA team right now. But he was like they're starting guy and mark is like five five four but like but Michael Jordan was so dominant in a way that like it was wanted in my eyes to watch him and and having watched Lebron this year with the Lakers. I'm like you know what you know what Michael was better and I am not ashamed to say it and and look I love the Brandon. I think he could do the world but there were moments in that game where Michael scored fourteen straight points and all of them were contested. Shots and the he was he was so dominant and when he wanted to go to the rack he scored or got fouled made his foul shots. He was lying. It's great because an argument. This is why they're podcast is great. Because you're like this is the best part about sports. The A is Mike. Trout is is Mike Trout Mickey Mantle. Let's get into it right now. I mean is. He resume better is he. Willie mays who is and and we have yet to even get to those really in. Ken select an individual player competitions. And some of that is because the fight it would cause between us by I am. I'm a known Jordan Hater. I'm an Indianapolis Pacers Fan Michael Jordan. I have the same birthday. He's been shoved down my throat. Since I was born and an but in my core I do know that he is the greatest player will time but it pains me so much in front of these shops that I even said that on record all of his all of Cj's Jordan shoes in his closet just lit up when you said that. I now Lake Road. God He's yeah and it's it's hard to call them the Indianapolis Pacers. I do like that. Because they were the market square arena markets. There has to be from like you guys are obviously huge Michigan. Fans in Indiana Purdue and U. Basketball is probably bigger than the Pacers on any given the area. Just feel like it's not I don't want to be I know that. They're the Indiana Pacers. The rest of the state has done nothing for us. Okay we are carrying this piece of shit place across the finish line on a second. Hey wait a minute be. You're saying Tara Hoedt is in pulling its weight Meghan Evansville Evansville Purple Aces Evans Villes in Illinois College within the Purple Aces. Only college team to ever have sleeves on the man's sleeve with a religious thing. Oh Job Sure. They can show a shoulder. I know they're trying to be very you know all right. So the gray. It's your podcast is called the greatest and people can get on I tunes or wherever. But it's a for for those who loved the sports debate Which is Great? I mean because you guys are so knowledgeable because you guys are passionate and his guests. I take a we. Have you thought you would be a huge for us? We will do it absolutely because we have so many opinions growing up in Saint Louis Saint Louis Cardinals fans. I'm in baseball cardinals fans. We grew our grew up in the eighties when they went to the world series. Three times once in got screwed once. And it's like it's just a fascinating wonderful thing to be a part of to love team. That has that sort of tradition and again like the Pacers of the nineties. That's when you kind of. Were assuming kind of those. Those teams were so fun to watch like the one of the greatest players of all time on there. Like you've games and you were into a flying. Dutchman that's crazy MIDAS donating Dutchman my F- my favorite one of my favorite chief seeds jokes was. It's it's Indiana Pacers centric. It was go go doing double Dutch going. Double Dutch is taking out Ritz Mitt. Rick Smits and his wife going eight data yourself and everybody everybody paying for them. Look I did not know Rick. Smits was from a different country until like ten years into his. I was like Oh Hema v from French. Lick as well like. They're so soon his name either either. He hated shaving so much or he could only grow what we grew it. Our Bar Mitzvah. But that's that trash stash that he sports like that like that probably got him kicked out of Amsterdam well and then there was that season. It was like a playoff run where they all shaved their heads. And you Jermaine O'Neal and you're like well. That's not good and then you saw rick smits and it was like. Oh my God sick. All it's like you need an in-between yes. I'm so sorry about your non Lymphoma Rick Ari. Let's let's take a break and when we come back we'll do some quick it's with the Great Meghan. Gaily of the greatest podcast. We'll be right back with the chiefs right.

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