Kevin Meyer, Republican Party, Senate discussed on The Amy Demboski Show


This whole thing with the you know two years ago i hate to say i called this but when they started the pd grabbing as like they're going to get cleaned out of there they're going to get cleaned out because you know even that kevin meyer he was looking like he was getting a lot of money and a lot of traction for lieutenant governor and he keeps siding with the googlers and he's gonna be out i gotta tell you i talked to a staffer for one of them right before i got on the show you know to me i was i tell you these people are in my view i'm ashamed to be a republican today these people do not reflect me or my values i think they're a frankly think of the republican platform i'm just so you're for you know they're saying oh the republicans are doing this well it's not the republican party of the party well here's the thing when you talk about the repeal of espy ninetyone the crime bill the republican party overwhelmingly supports the repeal of espy ninetyone as evidenced by our convention there was a a resolution that was passed it said repeal that crime bill we do not support it and it's being held up in this is i guess what's frustrating and this is what this is really what's so frustrating is you have truly just a handful of people in the legislature that control everything and it's it's only because the members of their caucus allow them to do it almost like you know you might as well have two people on the senate and to people from the house decide on all the votes.

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