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That can happen on occasion i'm gonna say him the whole thing really the grab my arms around it is cathartic yeah it's a catharsis indeed is that where it comes from yes favorite in the third district or is there one in is there any more because are their fifty three candidate i don't the favorite would be co i think la talian and train and then gifford sort of an outlier in that is hovering by america son of gifford by the way learned that in fact apparently the globe has a story today that he's in some sort of feud with nncholas cage is like one time partner this woman who has accused him of like having some sort of black mold in his in his home so i'm all about that i i like a random feud with nncholas cage where even wear nncholas cage can even be mentioned and black mold for that matter i mean why not really mold black mold yes is mauled it's like worse because it gets it hurts your lungs even more than regular mold wow yeah so wait a second isn't steve kerr technically so running no he dropped out for good yeah no yeah they tend to drop bounce back and forth and then they jump back street summer street are you important because you saw i was walking in the rain near the convention center coming here okay and he walked past me him the name tag on the said steve here's a little shorter and then occurred to me steve harrigan yes what i'm going to grab him will quickly and i thought that.

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