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But. You know I didn't. Want to know what happened with them when he started talking about lawsuits. coded. Good. Look. Sweet. Voice of the LAUNDROMAT bomb. Stallions. Have you come to Sumi again though Jeff Not at all. Just need to talk to you. Talk to days so that they go to court. I mean whatever happened between them all happens heat. They explain it in here. Okay. I thought that was funny. I can see why people love that character Mogi Derek are you broke bogus journeys not as good as excellent adventure, but the airport loves them. That's the thing it's not nearly as good, but death is great in it. Yeah Also. I was impressed with the the makeup in the movie. There's a there's moments in here where now some of it is just funny. And it doesn't always look great is meant to just look look silly like them a strong dude that the Democrats strong sales when they imprison. and. Even when a moving around. It's not as rubbery as thought, but there's moments where they age and certain parts of Hollywood made you like that when you ask the keep it. Walking around. Okay. So Allah's winner ain't got no negative things, but but on canneries I was like. Look bad beer. Beer. It helps every time with him pathway in his you. He looks like that fucking Russian do from street fighter. Yeah. You're right. Yeah. Yeah Man, you know. And even I didn't look too rubbery was actually kind of course but they're mostly they they age they get older and periods of the movie and I thought man, you know this old person makeup looks pretty good right in. Comedy, it doesn't have to look great. No, it doesn't but it works. Ending a little cheesy right here and I'll tell you mandate in and they donate ended they just ended like just cut off I know. It's like, wow. Okay should I was waiting bill and Ted to go in for the big finish to bring us home bill into it, and then the lights just cut off. Thank you gentlemen excellent back. It's like what I mean. There is a post credits Stinger but it's not enough to like cap off that in estimating good ugly lingers aren't y'All kind of had a joke and it just like this is nothing. Yeah. I mean fortunately, if you watch us at home, you can go do something else and come back and if you wanna see it, but that's sting ain't really anything. And the ending is really cheesy. You know it's one of those you know music will save the world type thing and and everybody's jamming on whatnot the ending to all the other movies. Very, much except it doesn't really even have ending just almost almost kind of like what you're saying is true. Well, Yalcin this ship before night. Honestly it seemed like it was just leading to kind of publicity stunt they pulled where they had people on the Internet. Like just like throw out like, Hey, film yourself jamming out like bill and. So they throw up. The world is jammed. They throw a big montage of all those people they would have to do the work. As Yeah man see if you make the cut. To go to YouTube. They'd have kickstarter..

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